My Town Fashion Show – Choose your supermodel

[Game] My Town Fashion Show

My Town Fashion Show

The catwalk is calling! My Town : Fashion Show is a great way for your children to express their creativity.

First, choose your supermodel and then head over to get them dressed in the hottest new looks. Once their clothing has been chosen, it’s time to get their makeup done! You can play around with so many different looks, and even apply eyeshadow and lipstick to your models.

Everyone wants to know about the lives of the rich and famous, so make sure your characters stop by the reporters before heading in to get their photos taken before and after the show! Once the show is done, they can hop into a waiting limo and set off on their next adventure!


7 different locations including a DJ area, makeup room, catwalk, photoshoot and closet.
Over 400 props to choose from in the 7 rooms.
Pure open ended play. There are no time restraints in My Town, nor is there any pressure to compete for the highest score.

Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.

My Town Fashion Show user reviews :

FIRST OF ALL, THE WORST THING IS THAT THE MAKERS DON’T EVEN CONSIDER OUR OPINIONS. I see so many bad and good comments but no replies….what is the use of giving our suggetions and opinions if the makers do not even care about it. Anyway, these games used to work amazingly but when i downloaded them, the add button is not work, though i pressed on it several times. ALL THE PROBLEMS MIGHT GET SOLVED IF THE MAKERS ATLEAST REPLY OR CONSIDER!

Good app But I can’t unlock any character I am also ready to watch at for dresses and characters but I am not able to do. So please pic start problem or I will delete the app. I hope you will understand my problem I am not saying that I will not play this app forever but this app has a problem. In every my town app i can’t download any character and im also to paying but nothing is possible please fix this problem.

The game is ok. There are some tiny bugs in the game. In the photo shoot room, I tried to put the wigs on the characters. The wigs fell. But literally disappeared. Another thing was the clothes. Whenever I put new clothing on the characters and they were at the bottom of the screen, the clothes dropped being replaced but I tried to pick them back up but I couldn’t. Next was music. The discs in the runway room did work. But when I put the blue discs, it stayed. I wanted to try all of the discs but I had to literally restart the game. Next was the hat machine. Before the update, the hat thing worked and I loved the designs. With the update, I can’t even do anything. Also, in the makeup room, I put one of the girls on the chair to put the hair machine on. It turned her hair blue

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this super fun game i love the close hair people music cars everything the only part i hate hate hate is that i have to pay for so many things

I love all of my town and my city games. This is the best app ever!!!!!

We love the game, but I really do hate that we have to pay because it doesn’t cost a lot. But at the same time when I do get money, it’s always getting spit, so when I buy the game, so yeah, I don’t really like how you guys made it to where we have to buy stuff.

This game is so good I just love it and if you get like me in comments about ads worry about that because it’s a non problem I like that then I deleted coz that time I didn’t think about much to do with that so I deleted it now I have decided to download it and it’s amazing but the problem is that any dress literally is on ads and you have to pay for it and the characters to in this game has enough can you please make that game a little more I mean no adds that with more people will download.

I love it but the problem is that the shoes can’t come off on their own but I hope the next update will have you able to make barefoot charters. one time it glitched the shoes off the whole time I played I could take them off and on but also the characters need to stop glitching off the screen. I love tho! keep up the good work!

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