Evil Lands – Become a real hero and fight monsters

[Game] Evil Lands

Evil Lands  Do you have what it takes to win the battle with evil?

Become a real hero and fight monsters, dragons and bosses hiding in Evil Lands! The most captivating, epic fantasy RPG game for mobile has arrived. Choose your character, complete quests and join other players on your path to destroy grim creatures of darkness.

Explore magical environments, raid dungeon-like forests, grab your loot, master your skills and become the bravest warrior of all! You can challenge yourself in one of two multiplayer modes: CO-OP or PVP. Play with your friends and people from all over the World!

Online Real-Time Multiplayer RPG
Stunning 3D graphics
Character classes, upgrades, skills, loot and items
Variety of maps and captivating quests
Cooperative and PVP modes


Invite your friends and take a step on this epic mmorpg journey together! You can meet players from all around the World and play with or against them. The RPG adventure full of war, magic, battles and quests awaits! Pick up your sword, axe, bow or staff and don’t let any boss nor monster stand in your way.


This RPG features stunning console-like graphics, never found in any action mmorpg, that will simply blow you away. It’s hard to resist stopping between battles to take some screenshots! Maybe you can capture a dragon? No mobile mmorpg looks better than this fantasy action game!


What kind of hero are you? A warrior, sorceress or assassin? The loot system allows you to find great treasures during your dungeon raids. Upgrade your attributes, learn new skills, collect your gear and become the greatest hero in a battle against evil. Grab your axe and fight until you defeat every boss!

Cross this haunted medieval realm in your mission to fight darkness. The world of Evil Lands is like a dungeon full of darkness. Compelling quests make this epic action RPG even more exciting!


Cooperative mode lets you immerse in the exciting epic battle and raid against evil while joining forces with other players. This will help you fight the bosses and dragons that a single hero can hardly defeat with their axe. If you’re in for more thrill, try the PVP combat mode – team up and challenge each other to find out who runs the Evil Lands world!

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Evil Lands user reviews :

The game has potential. It looks similar to a game simulator I’ve played before. Just the difference is that, your game kinda sucks at the moment. The controls are kinda shite. I can’t control my character properly. And some features in the controls hinder any evade/escape tactics/moves. You can do so much with some storyline in there for each character. You can possibly play with a lot of features in the future. I’ll keep playing for awhile but I might uninstall later in the next few days. :(

ok so npc interactions are a must in this game 100% Especially in the beginning, also the game feels unfinished with the weird ui set up and lack of a intro/plot when entering into the game, also the horrible variety in character selection and customization (as there is none) the graphics are decent in my opinion these are not console graphics they are a mix between high texture and low shaders to make it look like how it does, this game needs more work in my opinion it was released too early

Overall, this is a good game. A breath of fresh air, you could say. however, I got two things for you. first, add some game setting. at least FoV setting. It would be good for better optimization. especially to middle spec phone. second, add aim-lock button. I tried to escape but my aim always locked to my enemy. therefore, me failing escape. it would be a good addition to the game

This game has a lot of potential, the gameplay is nice, graphics are nice, combat is nice, and best of all no auto play . But, a few bugs need fixing like hidden monsters will attack you(it could be because of my network), and the way the game starts no elements of a story you just start doing quests and grinding. Am not sure if i like having the same weapon and upgrade it, could be a hint of p2w?. But well overall , you can still play and enjoy it!

Latest Update :

Fixed the following bugs:
The player is unable to attack
Warrior auto targeting and issue with the Frenzy skill
No shared kills from the Champions/Bosses after specific case
A problem with the private friend’s chat

Contact developer :


Video :

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