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Thenics Thenics helps you to achieve impressive Calisthenics skills and functional muscles.

There are a lot of trend sports (Street Workout, CrossFit) and Calisthenics Movements (Bar Brothers, Barstarzz) where you will see these skills.


Muscle Up
Front Lever
Back Lever
Pistol Squat
Handstand Push Up

Thenics Pro Skills:
One Arm Pull Up
Human Flag
One Arm Push Up
One Arm Handstand
Shrimp Squat

Thenics will guide you with descriptions and technique explanation of the skills and progressions. Every skill is divided into several PROGRESSIONS which include different workouts. Thereby you are able to learn skills step by step adapted to your current level.

How is Thenics different to other fitness apps?
Your goal isn’t just to lift more weight or execute more reps. The Workouts and Progressions lead you to achieving new impressive skills. Additionally you will gain strength and get lean functional muscles!

How to plan your workouts?
Can I work on multiple skills in parallel?
How long should I rest?
How to combine basic workouts with skill training?

A good answer to that highly depends on your specific goals and conditions.
The THENICS COACH will generate personalized Workout plans for you, adapted to your goals and conditions.

Thenics user reviews :

I’ve been using this on and off with a lot of gaps in my training. but the exercises and progressions are on spot. sometimes the exercises are too hard but I think that’s the whole point you try and force a position until you get it right and in doing so you build the strength for it. This should be your go to app for calisthenics. love it

Great app. It would definitel get 5 stars except for the coach feature. I just wish I could customize it a little more and edit features within it without having to reset everything. The biggest thing is that I wish I could choose my rest days. Anyway great app!

Just really helpful. Full breakdown of every exercise. All the beginner exercise progression workouts are free. I haven’t paid for the pro version but I am truly considering it.

The app has a cool routine. There’s room for improvement tho. A countdown timer could be added as a feature for stretching and videos could be incorporated with the app, rather than using an Internet connection to download a short video every time. It’s a good app and I strongly recommend.

Love it. Bunch of free stuff and also a pro mode for some other exercises. Little explanation videos make it clear and easy to understand. I’m a beginner in calx stuff so still learning so this app is awesome thankyou

I’m impressed. There are some UI details that could be improved like links to technique videos from within the workout so you don’t have to stop the workout to study the technique, but this is a great app that feels built for teaching me what I want to learn.

Perfect Perfect Perfect!! I wish if they add separate yoga and stretching sections, this would make it the ultimate perfect app Also I recommend adding an option of design own plan

Really complete and takes care of individual progress and also shows stretches at end of session, really happy with it as i am trying to learn calisthenics l.

I personally love this app the workout program is not forcing me to do training against my own will . It definitely worth to subscribe if you can.

Fantastic app. I’ve not been doing any serious training for years, so I consider myself to be a beginner. It takes you through the basics really well. Having said that is sometimes worth jumping on to YouTube for a more detailed explanation of the exercise before trying it for the first time. The more advanced exercises need to be paid for, but the amount of free content is great and I would be willing to pay for the extra exercises if I get that far

It’s really great app overall I want to give this app 10/5 star ,great workouts for muscle gain or weight loss .but I have a suggestion there is a list of all exercises so there should be a timer where I can make my own workouts and one more suggestion in my 2 year experience I think HIIT cardio is really important for endurence,agility,explosiveness and overall atheletic body so there should be some hiit cardio workout in the app I wanna be demi bagby

loved it for its step by step progression. it doesn’t let you start above level if you are not strong to complete lower level first.

I use the pro, but I don’t recommend it. Mainly for their support. Too bad. They don’t respond to emails. This month I sent 3, but no return. Stick with the free version.

It’s a great app!!! There is one thing though is that they need something for the hamstrings ,like a Glute Ham Raise, nordic Curl or something just to have a complete overall leg day

it is a very good app for home workout and to workout in the park or playground. thenics has done good job in the latest version by adding muscle workout, cause for complete beginners they can start from there and move on to more advanced movements.which is lot safer. thanks “thenics” for this awesome app.

I love this app! If u want 2 build your balance, core strength, calisthenics, or if u want 2 start your fitness journey I suggest this app 2 be your 1st stepping stone. I never promoted an app before this was a thumbs app for me! I can also suggest 2 the developer that u should update the instructions or insert a short video the will play offline 2 guide the newbies in a proper form with less risk like in “planche” different wrist placement will be a help and prevent some injuries. More power!

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