Tile Garden – Find your Zen

[Game] Tile Garden – Tiny Home Design

Tile GardenRelax, sharpen your mind, and playing the tile match connect game.
Enjoy the game when you’re tired and your head is cluttered.

A new home design game.
Playing fun levels with simple game rules puts your mind at ease.

How to play

Find your Zen : Tap and match tiles. Match beautiful tiles to clear the game.

Brain training : You can clear complex puzzles by solving fun levels.

Garden decoration : You can design tiny garden with golden tiles.

Enjoy the game with fun differentiated from the Match3 game.
Hundreds of fun levels and beautiful chapters are updated monthly.

Start your Zen and Enjoy the game now

Tile Garden user reviews :

I really like the game honestly, but I recently won first place in one of the competitions (which I worked pretty hard to do) and I didn’t get the prize because I checked too late. The contest was still going just hours beforehand, and I had no warning that this would happen. At least send out a notification or something so that I know the event has ended if you’re going to withhold prizes from people who don’t check immediately! I have other things to do during the day!

  • We apologize for the inconvenience. We will actively review your opinions and try to make the game more fun.

Cute game! The ads are super short and not annoying at all — I paid for ad free just to support the game but would have played anyway as it was. It’s refreshing to have a match-3 game that isn’t just the same old thing. The graphics are pretty, the purchase options for crystals (you get plenty for free) are very affordable. Nice game!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the game more fun. Keep having fun!

The consecutive win reward doesn’t work right and it’s really frustrating when you use diamonds to try to keep on track to get those rewards. It does not tally them correctly or sometimes at all. I just had 5 consecutive wins and on my 6th is reset it to one even though I never lost. I used a shuffle a few time to make sure I got that win and was just reset to one. I’ve noticed it doesn’t count the win at all sometimes as well. Definitely won’t be purchasing more diamonds since it does this.

  • hello. Thank you for writing a review. Consecutive victories give rewards up to 5 times, and if it exceeds 5 times, the winning streak count is reset. Sorry for the confusion.

Pretty cute and relaxing so far. I’ve only played for about 20 minutes but haven’t had a single forced ad yet. The levels are reasonably mid-range – not too challenging, but not boringly easy either. The only complaint I have is how minimal the variation is for the designs of items. It’s literally all the same graphics but with minimal change to color on one or two objects. Some variation would be nice, but I’m very pleased overall with the game!

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the game more fun. Keep having fun!

I’m a handful of levels in, and having a good bit of fun! The garden is very cute, and the golden butterflies are pretty easy to rack up. You can accumulate a bunch and do a few decorations at a time, rather than having to use them as soon as you have them, and gems are easy to earn in the game for special rewards and power-ups.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the game more fun. Keep having fun!

I actually really like this game. i’m not usually big on mobile games, or tile games in general, but i can actually stand to play this one. Theres minimal ads, the levels are inventive, and the rewards are fair. I’d recommend this game to people who enjoy relaxing, casual mobile games that also help to train your thinking speed.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the game more fun. Keep having fun!

I love sorting through the tiles. It’s simple yet fun gameplay has me playing for hours, and it can be challenging at times. The decorating part is alright, I think that could be better, though.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make the game more fun. Keep having fun!

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