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[Game] Tile Garden – Match 3 Puzzle

Tile Garden  Are you a fan of match-three & matching games?

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle will fulfill your need for matching fun with new puzzle challenges everyday! Simply match three tiles to reveal more tiles underneath and continue matching until you clear everything, but beware, If you select too many tiles without at least matching three you will have to begin your journey over again.

Each level brings an addictive new matching challenge. Go on a fun and relaxing getaway as you enter beautiful new landscapes to test your brain in. Unlock different power-ups that will give you an advantage in your quest to become a tile master and craft your own Tile Garden kingdom!

Game Features

1. Unique Tile Puzzles:
With 50+ styles of tiles there’s no limit to the number of matches you can make. Match Flowers, Leaves, Animals and feel the Zen.

2. Beautiful Scenery
Take in the scene as you match in beautiful and relaxing landscapes. From Gardens to Mountains and more.

3. Relaxing in your Tile Garden
Is life getting a little crazy? Why not take a load off and relax with these unique matching puzzles?

4. Flex Your Brain Muscles
Test and improve your memory, and your pattern recognition skills with this fun and relaxing puzzle game!

Visit  lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Tile Garden user reviews :

I used to LOVE this game! I played every day, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time. HOWEVER, it recently changed. I don’t begrudge anyone making money, I didn’t mind the number of ads they previously played, but now an ad pops up during the game, stopping the playing of the game, about every 60-90 seconds, though I have not exactly timed it. I usually can make only a handful of tile sets before an ad cuts in. It is very frustrating! In fact, I am likely just going to delete the app.

Game would free fun if you could get through an entire game without an ad coming up that turns your screen black and doesn’t allow you to get back to the game. This is happened several times during play. It’s kind of pointless to play when you can’t even complete a board because of the problem with ads.

I find this game extremely annoying. You get to match tiles, which is what I wanted. But the game is constantly interrupted with ads, obscure things to collect, here spend $2.99 for something, etc. I am going to delete this game today. I would not recommend this unless you like to be constantly interrupted while playing.

So far so good! Pretty fun! UPDATE: I’ve been having a good time up until now! This is NOT a $$ game. I have played those type games and quit for multiple reasons. One of the reasons was the ads! It was fine at first. Now that I have reached a higher level, the ads are CONSTANT! It’s very unfortunate because now I’m looking for something else to play! Very sad because I enjoyed this game but I do not enjoy the ads especially since there is no reason for them! Change the programming please!

Good, I enjoy playing. It does lag and has quite a few commercials. But you get to a certain level, and the tiles are mostly blue. No clue how to play. I’ve tried playing several times, nothing works. Then when you use the helpers at the bottom of the page, the puzzle disappears. No explanation on how this game plays, guessing it means I’m at the end of the game playing for me. To bad, cause I enjoyed playing! After writing this, now I watch more ads then then I play. Now I’m getting ads during

Enjoyed the game for awhile. However after you reach a certain level, it places an ad every 30 seconds, even in the middle of game play. Prior to that level, you had to watch an ad between every attempt…which is acceptable…but every 30 seconds even IN GAME PLAY?! Removing app now.

The ads are annoying. But I was able to get to level 782 with ads showing after I completed level. Now…after 60 seconds of playing, ads. I’m done. There isn’t an ad I’d click or buy. So just stop.

Was fun and somewhat challenging from time to time, but once I got past level 250 the game started getting glitchy. I’d be in the middle of a puzzle and would go to watch an ad for the wheel spin, after the ad the screen would go black and I’ve have to back out of the game and reopen it. Upon reopening it my progress on my puzzle was lost and I had to start all over. Thinking of deleting game

I really like this game, but having 30 sec ads every time you need to do anything is ridiculous. I get the need for ads, but there are alot of places where the ads could be cut down to 5 sec ads, giving you the option of “skipping” the remainder of the ad. Otherwise I would give a 5 star rating.

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