Midas Merge – Find the missing Crown Jewels

[Game] Midas Merge – Gold Match

Midas MergeEscape to the magical fantasy world of Midas Merge filled with wonder and mystery!

Someone shattered King Midas’ magical crown, and darkness has shrouded the land and its fantastical creatures!

Can you fix Midas’ crown and repair his Gardens of Gold? Can you merge your way through each garden to restore beauty to the land and find the missing Crown Jewels?

Midas, Liya and all of the creatures are counting on you to restore their home!

Discover and evolve new mystical creatures, complete fun quests and merge your way through challenging puzzles to bring the gardens back to life!

DISCOVER and EXPLORE the Gardens of Gold!
There’s always something new to uncover! Put your merging skills to the test and hatch eggs to discover rare and magical creatures!
Evolve and nurture creatures to complete your collection!
Find the wonders of this magical world by merging to discover uncommon, rare, and legendary items as you farm your garden!
Magical riches and treasures are waiting to be collected, claimed and added to your garden!

MERGE and MATCH to restore their home!
Leverage your merge mastery to drag and match 3 (or more) of a kind objects to evolve them!
Grow your creature collection and they will tend to your garden and harvest items for you to merge and play with.
Farm fruits from various shrubs to create Sunbursts.
Tap Sunbursts for explosions of Sun that banish the darkness to unlock, uncover, and restore the Gardens of Gold!

PLAY a mini-game in the Vault of Riches for treasure!
Visit the Vault and you might win some of Midas’ famed prizes!
Merge items within the Vault to make wonderful discoveries!
Earn items to take back to your Gardens!

COMPLETE QUESTS to hatch your Guardian Creature!
Become a merge master and put your skills to the test by completing challenging puzzles!
Claim rewards for completing quests and grow your Gardens!
Hatch and grow your Guardian Creature to discover GOLDEN EGGS and other rare treasures.

DECORATE and make the Garden your own!
Bring your garden to life by merging objects such as charmstones, coins, shrubs, treasures, plants, and more!
Help your creatures and earn hearts to repair the destruction Nyx caused in the gardens. Restore landmarks in your garden and earn special rewards!
Drag, merge, match, and organize items the way you want and bring an end to the darkness plaguing the Gardens!

Adventure awaits and the creatures are depending on you to restore their home! DOWNLOAD NOW and start playing Midas Merge today – a cherished puzzle game by creators that have brought joy to millions of players across the globe!

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Midas Merge user reviews :

So far one of the most enjoyable merge-pet games I’ve played (and I’ve played a lot) . No ads, can play with vertical screen, there’s a lot to do and it’s not as limited by “energy” as most others are. No pay wall so far, but I’ll update the review if I hit one. Only complaint so far is that the map segments are very small, no large land masses really so it’s problematic to organize items over and over

I love this game. It’s cute and there’s a lot to do. However, sending animals to sleep doesn’t last long and they’re right back a short time later getting in the way and eating fruit and ruining combos that it took me a long time to build up to. I wish the animals didn’t auto eat the fruit. I tried to change their behavior but that setting is locked for me for some reason. The animal behavior stresses me out and I’m trying to play this to relax.

  • Hey there! We’re thrilled to know that you love our game! To unlock “Creature Behavior” customization, you’ll need to locate its ability crystal hidden within Nyx’s shadows. I’ve also shared your feedback with our developers for future enhancements. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback. Happy Merging!

so far so good. love the graphics in game. love the cute characters. I like the fact it’s not to hard but hard enough to keep you coming back n not wanting to fully quit. I also like that it’s not in landscape mode like most games like this are that’s a def plus. 4 stars because there’s one point I don’t like that you have to get almost 10k sunshine things to unlock it n also there’s little islands I noticed but it doesn’t tell you how to unlock them.

  • We’re delighted to hear that you’re having an exciting time in Midas Merge! You can merge your sunbursts to get even more powerful magic to eradicate shadows! Regarding the lands, some remain shrouded by Nyx’s darkness, and you’ll need to progress in the game to access them. Others are Premium Lands for your Garden. Happy Merging!

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