Tile Mansion – Help Anna renovate her home

[Game] Tile Mansion – Puzzle & Design

Tile MansionAnna’s inherited mansion is full of SECRETS! Solve puzzles, get involved in the story, and help her DESIGN and renovate her DREAM HOME!

In Tile Mansion, join our lovable main character Anna who’s sprucing up an old mansion she inherited from her uncle. But that’s not all! Along the way, Anna makes new friends (and maybe some enemies) as she builds a new life and uncovers the mansion’s secrets. Help Anna renovate her home and solve tile puzzles to win exciting bonus items and push the story forward!

How do you play?
Tapping tiles adds them to your stack
Find three matching tiles to clear them from the stack
Keep matching tiles until the entire board is cleared
Be warned: Your stack only holds 7 tiles. Exceed the limit and fail!

Why play Tile Mansion?
Intriguing stories and characters
Simple gameplay
Get involved in the narrative
Show off your creativity
Earn powerful bonuses

Ready to see for yourself? Play Tile Mansion today to get in on the fun!

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Tile Mansion user reviews :

This is one of my most favorite games, but sometimes it glitches to where the tiles gray out and I can’t click them so then I either have to exit the game or use one of my shuffles, (I’ve taken screenshots) oh and when you’re done with a game and an ad pops up, if you don’t watch it all the way through it makes you lose your streak and takes away your 3 hint power ups, which is whatever I don’t mind watching ads, but if an ad glitches you have to exit the whole game. Hopefully they update it.

I love the story line and the match/majong style of the game is great! The levels are challenging without being impossible. Except for the daily challenges which are way too short of a time frame to complete. In some levels you can’t tell which tiles have more tiles beneath them and I don’t love that but overall the game is great! Oh and there’s a little glitch with the lives where when you lose number 2 it skips straight to 0.

Semi-challenging puzzles that you wanna keep playing. However, the entire concept of you have to use a star to do anything is just downright annoying. Half the time, youre spending all of your time collecting stars just to use most of them to move the pointless story along. You barely get to decorate the house without finding a coin and spending another 10 minutes on it, or spending them all to talk to characters. Ads are long and too common. This game has a lot of potential but it has some bugs

This is the same exact game as Word Mansion, but I love this version way better!! Crossword puzzles got old fast! This game is really easy and the ads are a bit much, but the game is worth it. I do wish you could improve the appearance of the decorating, some of it is awful!! Great game overall though!! I just wish there was an easier way to get coins!! 15 at a time per video, I am going to be here forever trying to collect!! Also, I seem to be losing coins after I turn the game off, why??

It’s a fun game. My only issue is once u started getting on the higher levels (almost at level 300) I started noticing that some of my lives were going away while playing. Have 3 lives only play twice before it says I’ve run out of lives. Sometimes I’ll have 5 and only play 2 or 3 times before it says I’ve run out of lives. I enjoy the game but sometimes it’s really annoying when that happens.

Way too many ads. I understand the need for ads but this is ridiculous! Ads before and after each round. Constant ads to buy gold with real money and to buy the game for 7 bucks to get rid of the ads! Game play gives you what you need to complete tasks and so far they have stayed at one each. But those tasks are things like Answer door, talk to neighbor; find item, look at item, put item aside. When the ads overwhelmingly take more time than the actual game play, I draw the line. Uninstalling.

I thoroughly enjoy the puzzle game, and the story is moderately interesting as well. However, there have been many times where I’m out of lives, I watch an ad, gain a life, attempt to restart the puzzle and an told I’m out of lives. There needs to be a fix for this to gain the two stars that are lacking.

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