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[Game] Tile Tap – Triple Match

Tile TapTry your luck and relax your brain with Tile Tap gametime, matching three tiles each time until all identical mahjong-like triples are found!

This is a creative approach to the classic pair-matching games, giving traditional players a flashback of familiar challenges and zen atmosphere. It will definitely give you a wonderful experience of matching 3 tiles.

Daily updated puzzles work like clockwork, and a world tangled with challenges and chance is waiting for you to explore! Let’s work together to build up our own amazing areas and travel around to enjoy a variety of beautiful sceneries.

With these mind-blowing and exciting tile matching puzzles, you could give your brain a good train under a relaxing and soul-soothing atmosphere. Just concentrate, calm down, plan your steps and make matches, and you’ll unlock your luckiness along the way. With the simplest rules and addictive gameplay, your casual time has never been so relaxing and fun.

No more waiting, it’s time to start your journey in Tile Tap! Key Features:

Play this unique centering tile matching game.

Train your brain and challenge yourself by tapping matches, crushing tiles and solving puzzles.

Beat hundreds of unique interesting & refreshing levels.

Open amazing chests and win magnificent rewards.

Build up your own area and enjoy the scenery of your land.

Unlock more different geographical themes and styles, travel around the world! What are you waiting for? Take a deep breath, then come to join our world, you will feel relaxed and calm. Come to see the sunset rays shed all over the shore!

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Tile Tap user reviews :

I just installed Tile Crush and I like it a lot! The imagery and graphics are fantastic, and the game is fun, relaxing, and challenging!

This game have a bug in it! Every level I play the game freeze for a few seconds! I made to level 15! But the game kept freeze! So I going to uninstall! This game need to be fixes!

This game is a blast. I just wish there was a way to earn more coins more often. Like videos? Just a suggestion.

My game is froze. Will not open up at all. I’m uninstalling.

It’s a relaxing game, sadly not that exciting, but when i’m bored it’s a perfect pastime. It has no game introduction, but even the dumbest can understand it by themselves. It’s set up cute and the music is soothing. It’s certainly not a game for everyone, but I like it.

Fun to play and relaxing ur mind

Didn’t get the chance to continue…it stopped

Good match game. Build up & open areas. No ads. Yeah!

Doesn’t give a shuffle option and if you run out of moves and want to put back tiles, you only get 2 chances before you have to pay for more.

Good graphics and interesting

A fun time passer to sooth your brain

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