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Time Clock

Time Squared Work Hours Tracker Helps You:

Spend less time on paperwork and more on getting paid!

Track your time with work hours tracker and manual time cards for single or multiple jobs

Make and share timesheets, in CSV format, in seconds

Have peace of mind with safe backups, thanks to cloud sync

Have a clearer view of your life by seeing earnings estimates as you clock time

Stay organized with weekly and monthly reports at your fingertips

The perfect work time keeper app

Time Squared helps you track your work time in two ways. With the time clock (hours tracker) or manual addition of time cards.

Time Clock

Clock in and clock out with a single tap. Add tags, notes and breaks as you work.

You can even adjust when you clocked in, just in case you forget to punch in at the start of your day… don’t worry! Happens to the best of us

There’s even a widget to help you clock in and start the hours tracker without opening the app.

And reminder notifications are available to help make your life easier!

Time Card

You prefer to add your hours at the end of the day or week?
Or maybe you want to add in time cards ahead of time?

No problem!

Just manually add in a time card.

You can adjust all the details like:
Start and end times
Reimbursements and deductions
Taxes and deductions

Save time and reuse information

Information like clients, projects and hourly rates are saved and re-used automatically.

You can even select to have a default break added to all new time cards.

The timesheet app of your dreams

As you add in your hours, weekly and monthly reports are prepared.

If you’ve set up overtime or your pay period the reports will be adjusted to include those settings.

Then simply select a period (or all) and hit ‘Generate Report’ to get a spreadsheet timesheet that you can submit to payroll, use to draft your invoices or keep for your own records.

You can share your timesheet as an attachment. Email it, text or use a messaging app. You can also simply keep it, used with Excel, Sheets or OpenOffice.

If you have Google Drive, Dropbox or similar apps installed on your phone, you can save your time-sheet straight to these services.

Time keeping has never been this safe and easy

Your time cards are saved to your account and backed up to the cloud.

You can log in on other devices (even iOS) and see the same data.

So you can work and get paid worry-free!

Using your hour tracker for work but suddenly have to restart your phone? or run out of power?

No problem!

You’ll still be clocked in and your time keeper is still running!

This data is simply for your timesheet reference and not used by us for any other purpose.

Who is it for?

The perfect work hours tracker and time clock for hourly workers and employees. Since you no longer need to deal with paper timesheets.

Great if you have multiple clients or jobs, e.g. trades professionals, self-employed, etc. Since you can now make accurate invoices.

Please note! Time Squared is a paid service. The download allows a limited number of time entries to be tracked as part of a trial.

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Time Clock user reviews :

Takes forever for the app to load with wifi. I thought after 2 years they would improve it, but they still haven’t. I can’t see my past time sheets from months or years ago after the big update. I have to download a PDF file if I want to see it. I can’t sync all my saved times to my Google account, I paid for the app, and now that feature is gone. What happened to this app?

Works well but deletes data if not used for a while. I don’t use this app much, i used it to keep track of extra hours i put into my business. I didn’t open it for a few weeks and it deleted all my previous tracked hours without warning. It could have been because of the update as well, but nevertheless there weren’t any warnings. Use with caution.

  • Hi there, nothing is deleted. Data is shown week by week or month by month on individual pages (this has changed compared to previous version, thus the confusion). Use the arrows at the top of the time sheet screen to navigate between periods. Please reach out to support in the app if you are still having trouble finding your historical times.

Update changed the app. The user experience was straight forward, easy, flexible. With the new update it became harder to navigate through the logs, most of the days the app doesn’t finish my time of day. I need to go back and edit all times so to correct the information. Shame this app was the best i ever used.

I’m a private contractor. I keep a record of my own time. However, when I give my time sheet to my boss, he mixes up the minutes and cents. This app will count every minute I put into my work and calculates the pay. It’s so easy to punch in and out or correct the time in case I decide to stay later or leave earlier. I tried a few different apps and deleted them right away. This is the one for me. I love this :) thank you.

I’ve really liked this app so far. Better than the last one I used. As a private nanny it’s nice to able to keep track of hours and be able to send a total to the family I work for. Simple and effective just what I need. The optional perks if you will definitely are a cherry on top.

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