Humanforce – Helps employers get ready for the next shift

[App] Humanforce – Get ready for the

HumanforceEnjoy the power and functionality of Humanforce from the convenience of your mobile device.

Humanforce helps employers get ready for the next shift:

Stay on top of your mobile workforce with a single operational view from your mobile device, easily check late starters and fill absent worker shifts
Stay up to date, approve employee leave and availability on the go
Easily offer shifts to employees based on their skills and availability
Quickly fill open shifts by sending alerts to your mobile workforce
Approve and manage timesheets on the go
Manage employee communication with one-one or one-to team messaging
Broadcast important communications to your teams

Humanforce helps employees get ready for their next shift:

Quickly clock in and out of work from your mobile device
Submit leave requests and manage your availability
View your timesheets for the shifts and hours you’ve worked in a pay period
Have the flexibility to bid on shifts that suit you
Manage all your shifts using your calendar
Receive notifications when shifts are offered to you
Easily stay on top of shift changes with alerts and notifications
Receive rostered shifts straight to your mobile as soon as they’re published
Stay up to date with company or team announcements
Stay in touch with your colleagues with one-one or one-to team messaging

About Humanforce app
Almost every shift has its no-shows, late arrivals, and special requests, but, you’ve also got to deal with the big shifts in how people work – everything from new employee expectations to new technologies, new regulations, and other major changes.

Humanforce brings a whole new approach to managing your teams and the way you work where you can simplify the process, see everything at once, and stay ahead of the curve. That’s why thousands of businesses of all sizes – hotels to hospitals, resources to recreation, stadiums to shops and more – use Humanforce to get ready for the next shift.


Humanforce user reviews :

App was working as it should but since last update I am not getting any notifications at all! I have missed quite a few shifts. I have emailed developer and they have fobbed me off to my company’s administrator. Issue has been fixed with thanks, I suggest next time for those that has left a review to let us know that you’re working on it. We were left in the dark thinking nothing was being done.

  • Hi there, thank you for your feedback. Our development team have updated the app, and resolved the notification issue. We recommend making sure you update to the latest version and trying again.

App was working well for the first few months but now I stopped getting notifications (I’ve made no changes to my notification settings or settings of the app) so now I’m missing out on getting notified about upcoming shifts… Can this please be fixed?

  • Hi Jay, thank you for your feedback. Our development team have updated the app, and resolved the notification issue. We recommend making sure you update to the latest version and trying again.

It’s not too bad, but unfortunately, on my samsung phone, the app keeps cutting characters of the right ends of words in shift details. And only having one numerical position on dates in timesheets screen. Tried logging onto the humanforce timetarget, but it doesn’t recognise my email. Do apps have design breakpoints

All the words in my app were cut short. The app width does not seem to be compatible with my phone. After turning off bold text on my phone this issue was resolved.

  • Hi Josh, we have our development team looking into this. Another user informed us that due to a recent device update, several of their apps were experiencing text cuts. After altering their device font and size, the issue across a number of their apps was resolved.

I have a samsung gallaxy S20 ultra note.after my last phone system update, my app was missing words and not showing all of my hours i did some research on my phone settings and made the fonts smaller and the text human force app is now back to normal.hope that helps others who are having the same problem.the system update made fonts and wording bigger.other apps on my phone where not showing all words either.problem fixed.

  • Hi Tania, thank you for your feedback! We have our development team looking into this, but will pass your feedback on to any other users too who might be facing the same issue with a similar device and its settings.

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