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TongoLearn English with a personalized tutor in your pocket. Practice speaking, reading , listening , and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.

From day one, you’ll be able to do the following:
Stay focused with a personalized learning plan based on what motivates you.
Learn intuitively using our proven immersion method.
Download lessons to do everything offline.

More than 100 English books and articles are available for you to sharpen your reading, writing, and grammar skills. Choose a book that matches your current language level and start expanding your knowledge immediately! Unknown word? Simply tap on it to get the translation, add it to your “to-learn” list, and memorize it forever!

All you need is 10 minutes a day to study. More than 40,000 flashcards in English are available for you to choose from. Pick the words you want to learn and memorize them using the spaced repetition method.

Kiss stressful schedules goodbye
We’re serious. We arrange your studying sessions for you with our Study Plan. Simply tell us when you want to study and for how long, and we’ll send you notifications to keep you on track.

Ensure you never forget a word again
There’ll be no forgetting vocabulary on our watch. Avoid blanking on words with our Vocabulary Review.

Progress from beginner to upper-intermediate level
Learning from scratch? That’s cool with us. Or studying after a long break? That’s okay, too. We’ll help you find your level and work your way up.

Tongo user reviews :

Very good and useful application for vocabulary. I recommend, I am a french speaker and I am learning English, it’s very easy to understand and to use, you can use it for the time you want, there are different types of books, we just have to choose our favorite category, then if a word is not familiar, you can stop the reading, press the word and you’ll directly have the meaning and it can makes you repeat it in your vocabulary list if you want.

  • Hi, thanks for the review! Believe in yourself and keep up the good work

There are 3 major issues for me: 1 – “answer validation result” popup overlap your choice, so you can’t compare your answer with correct one. 2 – no option to switch Off robotics voice while you are building a sentence. It’s very loud and annoying. I would suggest adding additional setting, so user will be allowed to control this option. 3 – No way to select phrase to add it into dictionary. Sometimes it’s very necessary. JFI:Looks like translation really given by a Google, which could be wrong

I really like Tongo with its library and custom dictionary. There are jambs in the program and it seems to me that if it were possible to send reports directly from the program, it would be easier to debug. For example, it happens that a word added to the dictionary ends up with an empty translation, and here you can add a “report” button on the card. You can also add the ability to add your own version of the translation and so that other users can see all the options and vote for the best one.

Good app. I enjoy reading the books and articles. Very well-designed app with cute corgi and simple interface. It would be super if they could improve the word translation for Russian language, add translation for phrasal verbs, add the possibility to choose translation for the word you wanna learn (for example, “to swear” has multiple meanings). You should definitely try it!

  • Hi, thank you for the kind words! We are super excited to hear that you had such a great experience using our app

I installed this app and in the mother tongue section there is no english. English is my second language and I already learned it but I need to improve it so that’s why people like me need english language at the beginning of the app. And also my first language (persian) was no there. It would be perfect if you could add it. Thank you.

Very convenient to use. For me the best app for learning English. But in the articles there are words whose translation is invisible. They can be added to the study, but they are invisible during the test. Fix it.

According to me This app is excellent. it helps to boost our English learning and it’s vocabulary and sentences is mostly used in daily life . In this app which is I likes most that they use simple English language and they gives Google translator searching facilities.

I really love this app! The design, articles, stories. each paragraph has translation. If you want to know the translation of some word, you can simply click the word and the translation will pop out. I’m so impressed by how professional this app is and how accurate the translation is. However they don’t have Indonesian which is my native language, so I’m learning English with the third language that I speak : Arabic. It would be so much easier if they add Indonesian.

  • Hey, thank you for passing along your comment Actually, we’d LOVE to learn more about your experience with the app. Could you please reach out to us at support[at] Your feedback will help us understand what we can do better to make the app a better fit for our customers. Thank you!

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