Unicorn 2 – Take you to amazing pixel art adventures

[Game] Unicorn 2 – Color my dreams

Unicorn 2UNICORN 2: COLOR MY DREAMS is happy to take you to amazing pixel art adventures. Try on an artist’s role, add more colors to your life, and create your masterpieces. Let unicorn games unleash your talents.

UNICORN 2 is a trendy game with lots of pleasant coloring book discoveries. Coloring by numbers seems easy, but it needs your artistic vision. Pick colors, put them on a board, and see the shades and gradients appear on your drawings. What can be better than opening up your inner creativity?

UNICORN 2 has prepared lots of original pixel art images. The high-quality drawings and the wide variety of art themes will keep you entertained whenever and wherever you want. You are the one to choose your game flow, where to paint by color, and when to start or finish. There’s no time limit, just infinite relaxation, and fun. Play pixel art games anywhere, anytime.


START the game. Get a cute picture to color. Which one will you get? Let it be a pleasant surprise for you.
USE the special palette. It shows what color is corresponding to what number.
COLOR the image. Just follow the numbers in squares and color numbers. When you finish one imagine, you get another one to color.
UNLOCK the next album. Each album includes several images. Finish coloring all the masterpieces from the album to discover a new one.

UNICORN 2 is your perfect art-therapy tool. You can use painting apps to reduce stress, switch your mind after a hard day, eliminate tension, get into a meditative coloring mood, and simply relax. All ages love being creative. Coloring book for kids and adults guarantees antistress and cheering-up effects.

UNICORN 2 has everything to make your creative time enjoyable to the max. Coloring games for girls and boys have it all. No worries if you get stuck, you can use the powerful booster BOMB. It helps to color a part of your artwork. After you start coloring, you will have an exclusive option to finish the picture now. Play and try it out.

UNICORN 2 is both a functional and extremely beautiful game. It is fun and easy to play. You don’t even need to be good at pixel games. Moreover, calm painting games for kids and adults have stress relief and tranquilizing flow and help to achieve mindfulness.


Wide range of artworks to color
Lots of amazing album themes
Bright palette of colors and shades
Simple and easy to pick up rules
Pleasant user coloring experience – art at your fingertips
Antistress and relaxation effects
Paint by number and enjoy coloring meditation

UNICORN 2: COLOR MY DREAMS is opening a stunning art world for you. Pixel by pixel you color by number and create modern digital masterpieces. Discover your talents!

Unicorn 2 user reviews :

Enjoy this coloring app a lot, except when there are giant areas that need colored, talk about hand fatigue, my hand hurts from coloring. So far, the emerald and olive rooms have repeat coloring pages. It is a annoying that you can’t choose the picture you get to color, and on top of that they start repeating. I am uninstalling for now, but I really do enjoy using it, but it has become a literal pain.

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. We will think, how we can improve your experience. It is important for us!

In the ad it showed that you could take a picture of anything and you could draw it yourself but no you have to draw something else that they made it is pretty nice and fun but it makes no sense I want to draw something that I take a picture of Cuz I wanted to take a picture of something and I can’t do that now cuz I have to color what they say it’s just I don’t understand which I shouldn’t have to but I just don’t like this app that’s all I have to say about it it just isn’t my type I guess

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. We have another coloring game called Unicorn with other images, maybe you will like it better! We will also think, how we can improve your experience in our game. It is important for us!

Good game, way to many notifications though. Its getting annoying

  • Hello, thank you for the feedback. You can limit notifications for the game in your device settings. Hope this helps!

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