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Crazy EightsFrom the makers of classics like Solitaire and exciting new games like Monopoly Solitaire, we bring you our new Crazy Eights card game!

Go back in time to those crazy good ol’ days of classic tabletop card games with friends. You can now play Crazy Eights with unique new rules, an exciting competitive leaderboard, various modes of play, and a groovy new theme. Whether you’re a beginner in need of helpful hints, or a veteran player looking for a challenge, Crazy Eights is the perfect escape! Capture that familiar excitement while experiencing a whole new level of fast-paced strategy.

CRAZY GOOD card game features:

Play cards with matching COLORS or NUMBERS and be the first to get rid of all your cards to win the game.

Compete in wild rounds to earn points and advance to the higher tiers of the leaderboard! With the perfect combination of luck and strategy, you can rise through the ranks and earn a spot in the most accomplished league of players.

Stack matching cards by number or rank to boost your chances of outsmarting your opponents during fast-paced gameplay.

Speaking of strategy, we’ve added a new level of excitement to the game! Now you can match the Draw 2 card to increase the draw to +4 for the next player – a unique game changer that might not help you make new friends, but it will certainly make you the better player.

Get the last laugh, play the LAST CARD!

Play the classic card game, CRAZY EIGHTS with a groovy new theme!

Go through challenging tiers of each wild league until you reach the top… if you’ve got what it takes

Enhance strategic thinking and planning while the direction of the game is consistently changing

Fun winning card animations

Quick and easy: play offline and relax


8’s are WILDCARDS that can change the color/suit at play
Reverse Ace: Flips the direction of playing.
+2: Your opponent gets 2 extra cards.
Skip Queen: Skips the next player.

Show your friends your competitive side and start stacking those wild eights today! Go and download Crazy Eights now and become a winner

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Crazy Eights user reviews :

The only problem I have and it’s a huge one! I can’t see my playing cards. Shows the outline if I ask for a tip and will allow me to select it but only invisible playing cards, draw deck or discarded deck. Can’t wait to play when it’s fixed..any help would be greatly appreciated! Giving 2 stars cause it’s bound to be good, definitely can get higher!

Addictive but too many ads. At first the ads were bearable but they’ve gotten to the point where they are popping up in the middle of game play every 3-5 mins. The game is continuing to play behind the scenes. A card player needs to be able to see what has been played. I would have rated this a 5 but now I’m on the verge of deleting this game. It’s too much.

  • Hi Tash, Thanks for reaching out! We’re happy to help! I’m sorry that you’ve encountered misbehaving ads. Our team needs info from your device to help. Please open the in-game Settings page, select Support and then Contact Us with your ID MW-1489127 so we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

I changed from a 5 to a 2. When you get to Silver3, the iq of the other players jumps dramatically. You go from 1 at place to 3rd and 4th place rankings. Also has unskippable ads for Pinterest that take you to the app and sign you in. I have servers Mobility Ware apps on my phone, and I’m removing all of them for the same reasons. Domino’s opponents gain iq suddenly, and it feels as though the game is cheating against you.

  • Our Support team would love to help, but first, we need more info. Please submit an in-game message, and include your unique ID MW-1486808, via Settings » Support » Contact Us. This will let our team learn more to properly help, and we hope to hear from you in the near future!

You’ve taken a perfectly enjoyable 2 player game, turned it into a multi player game and actually stuffed it up. The scoring is rubbish and the continual change in direction of play is irritating. Bring back the original 2 player game

  • Hi Patricia, Thanks for the review. We appreciate your feedback! Our team is always looking for ways to improve our apps, so we really appreciate you leaving a review. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any additional suggestions or feedback you have to share.

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