One touch Drawing – Helps you to improve your concentration

[Game] One touch Drawing

One touch DrawingBrain training mind game with amazing puzzle.

This free game helps you to improve your concentration.
One touch Drawing is a simple yet very addictive puzzle.
The rule is very simple.
Draw given figures with only one stroke.
The only problem is “You cannot draw twice the same line”.
There are hundreds of handcrafted levels with funny tricks.
All levels are free!

New lines and points like below will make it difficult.
1. Line that must be passed twice.
2. One directional line.
3. Warp point.
4. Direction trigger.
5. Way trigger.
6. Warp Maker. (Very challenging)

One touch Drawing user reviews :

Great game, an old puzzle concept with slowly increasing difficulty, love it, the only thing I could find thats bad is a glitch involving the green arrow where the way that you can enter the arrow gets inverted so you can enter when you’re not supposed to, but other than that, one of my favorite apps so far. (Also since you made it this far, here’s a tip on how to complete the levels, you always start and end on a point with an ODD number of lines on it) hope this helps!

  • Thank you for the detailed review and the great tip! The glitch associated with the green arrow is due to the animation of the arrow. I’ll find out a solution. Thank you for playing One touch Drawing

A nice time killer, but full of ads. Almost after every puzzle there’s an ad. It offers to pay to remove ads, which I would have paid to support the dev after giving it enough time to try the game out, but the way the app is spamming ads right off the bat, it really wants to force you to pay to remove ads, which I don’t agree with, thus deleting the game.

I do like how you have included part of one of your other games in this game. But the thing I have with this game is there is like no balance of difficulty. One level could be near impossible and the next could be easy. I do enjoy this game though and would definitely recommend it.

  • The included game is sample, so there is no balance of difficulty. If you get full version, there are many difficulty levels. Thank you for playing.

It’s a nifty little puzzle game that starts out easy. After just a few levels , you can tell how terrifyingly difficult it will get. Although visually simplistic it is highly addictive little puzzle game.

This game is not only a good time pass but also challenges your mental capacity.. If you are someone who likes puzzles you would really enjoy playing it. I only wish it has more levels.. I can’t get enough of it.. my experience has been great and this game is totally recommendable.

Would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the annoying ad interruptions! The publicity that continuously shows at the top of the screen should be enough.

it’s been fun and challenging and mind- mashing game. I love it! Highly recommend this game who thinks they have what it takes. Completed and still goes back and play over and over again. Always challenging and i challenge anyone to take me on this game and show what they got.

This game is really fun. There are ads that pop up between levels, some of them can be closed immediately, and the rest can be closed after 5 seconds. Definitely worth it, and it’s a great way to pass the time!

This is a good game, I just it recently and it’s annoying how they have that sound in the background, and they could make it more cleaner (easier controls).

Unlike other puzzle games I think this one is the best I’ve found so far. I think this game is pretty good because it has a bit of a challenge to it. If you feel like getting a puzzle game I recommend this. Hope this helps!

Gets difficult pretty quickly but that’s why I love it. Something to test the mind instead of the usual timed empire building nonsense. Addictive and will keep you engaged for a very long time indeed

A really good and challenging game. Pro tip for no ads : turn off mobile data or wifi. turn on airplane mode for best results

I love this! It has an ad after each puzzle but they are only a few seconds long so it’s not annoying. This is a keeper.

Fun and gets puzzling as you level up! Great game to play to pass time while waiting for appointments and its easy to just pause when your name is called.

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