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[Game] Tower of God – NEW WORLD

Tower of GodWill you answer the call of the Tower?

Tower of God: NEW WORLD grand launch!

The smash hit webtoon with over 6 billion views worldwide is now on your device!
The international phenomenon Tower of God, reimagined by Netmarble.

Experience all-new original stories!
Meet Bam, Khun, and Rak as well as the entire supporting cast from the webtoon!
Become part of their adventure and experience exclusive original stories as you forge your path forward on your climb up the Tower of God!

Go all out and unleash your ultimate skills!
Webtoon fan or not, feast your eyes on stylish graphics that capture the comics’ style!
Unleash your power with flair!
Meet Bam, Khun, and Rak as well as the entire supporting cast from the webtoon! Recruit your own team as you make your way up the Tower of God!

Get tons of rewards & shared progress to switch freely between characters!
Progress is shared across all characters!
Cut down on the time spent leveling each new character!
Get upgrade materials from the Loot system without having to grind!

Use Elements and Positions to field your own strategies!
Elements and Positions are easy to pick up, but hard to master!
Use Elements and Positions to your advantage
Create your own strategies in Tower of God: NEW WORLD!

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Tower of God user reviews :

The game is great however the leveling system is so slow, as well as the equipments. It’s so easy to get stuck at a level where the enemies are at a higher level than you characters, yet you can’t do anything because you don’t have enough material to get characters and to level them. I hope the developers can add more ways to get equipments, coins, and other level up materials.

  • Hello, Mark Joseph Jose. Thank you for the insight! We’ll be sure to take note of this as a reference for future improvements. If you have more suggestions to improve your gaming experience, we’d love to hear it! Contact us via our Customer Support through Thank you!

Playing for a few days & so far it’s good. PROS: a lot of Tower of God characters to collect, different game modes, HD 3D graphics & models, clean UI, unique & easy leveling system, beginner friendly progression & fast gameplay loop. CONS: so far my only issue is that for every input I make it lags for a few seconds (from menu transition & activating skills in battle) despite having a fast network. Overall, if you’re a fan of the webtoon & like AFK games, then this is a great recommendation.

  • Hello there, Ray! We thank you for sending us a 4-star review. We truly appreciate your effort in leaving us feedback. You can meet other people playing the game on our Discord channel found here: We hope to see you around!

The game is great, the gameplay is pretty simple but fun. One complaint I have is that the game can be very choppy at times. My phone isnt really the problem since I play other games that are in the same level as ToG:NW but they run fine if not better. There are times where its smooth as butter but most of the time its like the frames drop at 24fps or something. The game is great I just hope they fix the optimization

  • Hello, K0bs. We thank you for sending us a 5-star review. We are truly grateful that you took the time to write this review. If you wish to meet other people playing the game, check out our discord channel found here:

The game itself is fun and exciting as the story of Bam’s climb in the tower became a game experienced by players first hand. Though there were some minor delays in the main interface and an animation glitch when the character is dashing in combat at the same time unleashing an ultimate but since it was just released I hope it won’t happen much or if it’s just me. Anyways I look forward for more characters to come from the series itself. Thanks devs

  • Hello, Eli John. We’re glad to know that you find playing Tower of God: New World enjoyable and we appreciate your feedback. If there is anything else you’d like to share with us, please let us know! You may join us over at our community where you can meet other people who play our game. We hope to see you around!

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