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[Game] Tower of God – Great Journey

Tower of GodNow available to play Tower of God: Great Journey in SEA and India!

Welcome to ‘Tower of God’, Irregular.
The amazing world of the 6 billion viewed webcomic is coming to you!

Game Info

Tower of God: Great Journey shows the great story and world with high-quality animations based on the popular Webtoon, ‘Tower of God’.

You can build your own team with your favorite characters from the original webtoons.
Collect attractive Characters each with their own stories, and Ignition Weapons fully packed with stunning action skills!

You will go into the story as the main character, Bam or Viole.
Also, by clearing missions in Revolution Road, you can get massive rewards, such as transcending materials, Ignition Weapons, and other various valuable items.

Strengthen your team more easily!
The game provides gear-sharing, so every character can equip the same gear at the same time.

Rice Pot accumulates rewards for you even while you are offline.
By receiving the rewards, you can level up and acquire many items.
The idle rewards are accumulated for 16 hours as maximum.

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Technical Requirement
Device: From Galaxy S8
OS: From Android 7.1
RAM: Minimum 3GB
(Gameplay below the requirement can be unstable.)

Tower of God user reviews :

I like that the introduction and story completely follows the manhwa, I’ve already finished reading it (since SIU’s hiatus) the art is really nice, it’s like a recap of the series except playable! Pretty cool, I’ve been preregistered for a while and was excited that is finally here. You get Endorsi through mail which I found really nice since I thought I’d have to pull for her I just played through the tutorial and explored around. The UI is kinda small, but it’s bearable. Hope it improves!

  • Hello, customer we sincerely thank you for your support in Tower of God: Great Journey. We will do our best to improve the game and our service. Have a great day with Tower of God: Great Journey!

I love the webtoon, so I was committed to playing by ear and figuring things out, though I do think a lot of the UI could use updating, My biggest issue with this game is that the items needed for upgrading ignition weapons are tedious to farm, and the fact that when I do get them my upgrades fail makes me annoyed and halts any sort of progression. It took a while for me to learn all the UI and functions of the game, but if you are dedicated you can learn!!

  • Thank you for giving us honest feedback on our game. We will share your feedback with our team. We believe that your feedback will make us grow and will lead us to a better way. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact togsupport_en[at], thank you.

The app turns my phone into a heater, and it’s starting to kick me out of the app. When the app does work it is pretty enjoyable and the art is only secondary to the webtoon it’s based on (highly recommend).Some problems I have with gameplay is that gear in this state-wise it’s copy and paste, when it comes to the benefits they give. I shouldn’t have five different epic gear that all give the same exact boost. That’s the biggest gameplay annoyance.

  • Hello, customer we’re sorry about your experience with our game. We always do our strive to do our best and develop enjoyable games. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any more suggestions or ideas, feel free to let us know through 1:1 inquiry, thank you.

I love ToG and I really want to like this game, but the UI is terrible. Everything’s way too small for a mobile screen (and I have a large phone) and both story and explanation text changes way too quickly without clicking, to the point I’m unable to read everything (maybe 50 %). The character selection is limited as well – I understand that the anime only has one season, but this game is based on an amazing webtoon! It’s kind of disappointing. The art is great. It seems a bit ptw though.

  • Thank you for giving us honest feedback on our game. We will share your feedback with our team. We believe that your feedback will make us grow and will lead us to a better way. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact togsupport_en[at], thank you.

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