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TP-Link AginetThe Aginet app is the easiest way to activate your internet service, get online in minutes, and set up your home network. No technician required. Now, you can check your network status, view details about your existing wireless connection from anywhere, and make changes right from your smartphone or tablet.

With a TP-Link Aginet gateway or mesh WiFi, enjoy strong, secure connections at home with robust app features:
Easy Setup: No-fuss home WiFi network setup done in minutes.
Remote Access: Monitor and manage your home network from anywhere.
Parental Controls: Schedule or pause internet access to promote healthy internet habits.
Access Control: Block devices from using your network without your consent.
Home Protection: Keep your network firmware always updated to the latest security standards.
EasyMesh: Build a flexible mesh network for seamless roaming.

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TP-Link Aginet user reviews :

Since there is auto-logout (or logout as a result of updating the app), do consider letting login entry fields be readable by password managers. It is a pain trying to type a secure password everytime. The app works OK otherwise; mostly fuss-free main network setup, but it did not detect a connected mesh network.

  • Hi, you can send an email to ispsupport[at] to feedback the issue, our engineers will help you.

I must say, i am impressed with this app and its functions, togetheer with the Tplink Ex141 routers. The meshing and stability of the network is wonderful. Setup is eaay and 1 2 3. The seemless handover of devices from node to node is not even noticed. Great work TPLink, continue the great work and build on this.

Don’t enable QoS service for EX220 router, it can’t disable after turn on. Qos was suck on TP link router, it make upload speed very low. It need backup settings before make changes for Qos in app. If not .. need to wait app update for this bug yaa…

  • Hi, you can send an email to ispsupport[at] to feedback the issue, our engineers will help you.

There’s a lot of things u can control, like bedtime for specific devices and auto reboot and so much more.. I absolutely liked it

Very limited app can’t do or see very much at all. If you are an advanced user like myself then the Web based settings are still far superior to this app. Countless more settings and controls via the usual Web interface. This app is only good for extreme beginners as its very basic.

  • Thank you for your feedback, we will improve our APP.

App is working well. It’s a pity that the firmware on my router has many well known bugs.

  • Hi, you can send an email to ispsupport[at] to feedback the issue, our engineers will help you.

Really amazing app really helpful settings I’ve tried to have my other device connected have not yet cracked it but overall amazing app

Doesn’t hand out liscenses like it should, does not keep customers in app to keep track of.

  • Hi, you can send an email to to feedback the issue, our engineers will help you.

Really helpful app. The fact that you can access the router from literally anywhere in the world is so awesome.

I love the Internet it’s way fast and cheaper then buckeye. I think everyone around here should change for the price.

Love it. Love that I can assign devices to different people in the household and set limits for how long they use the Internet as well as setting timers to turn their WiFi on and off so they get a decent night’s sleep etc. Can also block individual users if need be too. Would be lovely if I could block/manage users, and reset wifi without being on the network myself when I am not at home too.

I would like to see individual usage so as to determine where its been used the most and least, also daily usage

App is useless when I am not connected to the network. So, there is no way of controlling the network when away from home. (Therefore only 4 stars). Otherwise, it works perfectly!

I wish I could leave a (non-impact rating) so 5 is only fair without exploring issues that could be user created)Where are the rest of the reviews? Can only find three reviews for this application..

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