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Travel wordsWelcome to Travel Words: Word puzzle game – one of the most exciting puzzle stories! Beat challenging levels: guess the word, connect the letters to swipe it. Think you can solve these word puzzles?

Connect the letters in the fun puzzle word game. We’ve prepared thousands of word swipe puzzle levels for you! And you’ll beat them together with fantastic characters: skilful designer Mia and her cute corgi Peach.

Have fun during your game path, solve puzzles, unlock new levels at Travel Words with Mia and her friend Peach.

Word Puzzle Features:
Play an exciting word swipe puzzle: connect the letters to beat lots of exciting levels!
Get special rewards: guess the word and finish level to get stars!
Unlock powerful boosters to pass through the most challenging levels!
Have fun with friends: explore the word world with corgi the Peach;
Connect the letters to continue your investigation.

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Travel words user reviews :

The only reason why I didn’t give the game 5 stars is because that “some” of the ads freeze during the game, when you want to collect extra energy, coins, etc. Other than that, the game “seems” very interesting to me so far…

Ads too much! And it owes interrupted wen playing it.. need to pay to remove ads for a week (7 days) wat for? We play for fun not for to much ads!!!

  • Hello, thanks for your feedback. We apologize for ads in the app, but this is the only way to make the app available to everyone. And also you could contact us by email with a more detailed description of the issue so that we could try to resolve it for you.

I like it but the arrow that appears over the “shuffle” button after only 10 seconds of thinking is a bother. I wish it’d go away or that there was an option to disable it!

Was 5 stars until they apparently took away the design aspect of the game after the last update, which was half of the reason I loved it so much. Sad that they did that. Might not be as motivated to play it now and end up uninstalling

I really like this game. It’s different yet difficult, fun and challenging, the story is cute and curious I hope it keeps being interesting bc I’d like to see where it goes

I really like this game. What I don’t like is no matter how well I do on a level, I never get more than 3 gems, 6 if I watch an ad. Is this normal or a glitch? I’m on level 50 right now, if that matters. Any help?

So far I am enjoying the game play and story. Kind of mystery, investigative story so far. The game play makes you use some memory and organizing skills.

If you have to sell the option of not being annoyed with ads then don’t be surprised that folks don’t think this is fun enough to play for long. It’s a shame because this could be a lot of fun and a five star game.

Exceptional app will recommend to all my clients and friends and family members who are not interested in this app or anything else in this time of the year or more explanation for your assistance with your phone Samsung Galaxy Note on your iPhone missing device.

Just to much stuff to do and wanting you to buy way to much. You run out of lives way to fast. Not enough life. I just started playing it. Don’t know if I’ll keep playing.

Losing my attention, unnecessary clicks for the sake of clicking. Loading delay, some images and actions are nonsensical.

This game incorporates a lot of different types of game play and has a very enjoyable storyline. I have played a lot of word games and this is definitely one of my favorites! I highly recommend it!

I love the game. The only thing is that it’s hard to play for too long without having to buy something. I think I’ve reached my limit. I don’t have any money to spend on games.

Fun, good time killer. The amount of energy you get is great and getting gold isn’t difficult. Overall good game

It’s simple and yet addictive…some levels are little bit hard but still u enjy it..

A pretty good game so far. Lot’s of fun and not running out of energy yet. I’ll write more further into the game.

This game is fun, relaxing and addictive. I love the story line. I like the extra bonuses.

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