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[Game] Word Flip

Word FlipAre you smarter than your friends?

Word Flip is a word puzzle for those who like wordgames!

Are you ready to test your vocabulary and see how well you do against other players in this wordgame? DOWNLOAD Word Flip now! Connect the letters to find words, solve anagrams improve your spelling skills at the same time.

Word Flip is a simple and addictive wordgame that will keep you playing! Can you think outside the box and find the hidden words?

The goal is to find the hidden words and solve the anagram. Swipe your finger to connect the letters and write.

Word games are fun, but Word Flip is even better!


The aim of this wordpuzzle is to find the hidden words and solve the anagram.
Swipe the letters and link them together to write.
Each word can be used only once per round.
Longer words give more points and increase your time remaining.




3 different wordgame modes! Time Attack, Classic and Challenge mode!
Play TIME ATTACK to compete for the highest score!
Play CLASSIC MODE to find a certain amount of words in order to continue to the next level!
Play CHALLENGE MODE to challenge friends.
Interesting leaderboards where you can see how you do against other players.
Great exercise for your brain and vocabulary.
Interesting challenges!
Thousands of challenges in the classic mode!
Simple and easy gameplay! Just link and connect the letters together!
Play in your own language.


Word Flip contains ads.
Any ideas on how we can improve this word game are greatly appreciated!



Do you like to solve anagrams and connect words?
If you want a new wordpuzzle you definitely need to download Word Flip and prove who is the real word game guru!
Word Flip – Classic word connect puzzle game uplift your literacy; word puzzle games also improve your memory; above all, word puzzle games kill your boring time.

Thanks for playing!

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Word Flip user reviews :

Great for first graders or someone newly learning English. Cute chime music without stupid characters in the way; it kept me going initially. However, CONS: you can’t go fast; it won’t show you the words you missed; it fills in words for you if you get a longer word that starts with the same letters – example: I get, “beds,” it will also give me, “be” and “bed.” Also doesn’t show you all the words you’ve gotten. And you only need a small fraction of possible words to pass the level.

Trying to form words inside the circle is difficult and often comes out as incorrect due to the animations delaying the response time. I have to wait for the animation to be finished before I move on to another letter. Please fix this.

Stuck on Level 31 for English, there’s only one five letter word available with the letters given. If you try using a hint the app freezes up and you can’t click anything. – Edit: Fixed with latest update

I mean, I’m not that stupid so as to require fake words to be counted? It would be a significantly better game if they didn’t allow you to come up with fake words – most word games use, you know, words…not random combinations of letters. Otherwise it’s a decent game, has an addictive quality to it.

Fun, wastes time, and builds your vocabulary! What else could you want? My only niggle is that it puts the words in order of found instead of alphabetically, which makes me work harder

Ads are super frequent, but so far, only one made me ignore it for 5 seconds. The game itself is nice.

Great game.. very colorful buy not irritatingly so… Challenges come quickly.. maneuvers well.. ads are not annoying… Enjoy playing very much

I have completed the all levels I.e. 400 levels in 2 days. It’s so interesting and good time passing

Nice game, it’s very easy to connect the words. I enjoy a lot. So that i will give them a 4 stars.

This is an ok game. Nothing special about this game. It’s just like all the other games. A little boring. I can not see any flaws.

I truly enjoy your game it will help me keep my mind sharp.and help me with my spelling.

The game is educational,it helps the player with new words as he keeps playing

Nice game! It’s real makes my free time valueable. Thank you

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