Treasure Party – Match and blast your way through fun puzzle

[Game] Treasure Party – Puzzle Fun!

Treasure PartyIt’s time for a Treasure Party and YOU are invited!

Jump in an air balloon with your customized explorer and cute pet for an unpredictable treasure hunting adventure! Match and blast your way through fun but challenging tile puzzles, then test your luck and roll the dice on a thrilling board game journey. In Treasure Party, you never know what you’ll find – coins, shiny treasures and even a mini-game or two!

Get on board and make new friends along the way because when it comes to a Treasure Party, the more the merrier!

Game Features:

CUSTOMIZE your explorer however you like – face, hair, clothing, accessories, and more!
CHALLENGE your wits in match tile puzzles and blast through countless levels – fun, challenging, satisfying, and addictive!
ROLL the dice and get ready for unpredictable results – coins, rewards, and setbacks!
PLAY easy mini-games, unlock new levels, and find solutions to escape dangers!
EXPLORE a variety of magical worlds full of surprises – forests, deserts, snowy mountains, and more!
RELAX and go on an adventure of a lifetime with fellow explorer friends, family, and pets!

Play now for FREE and join the party!

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Treasure Party user reviews :

No ads which is great. Takes a while to build up coins and things to use once you run out of moves and you only get 5 lives which take ages to replenish. Also, the animations take SO LONG and there is no option to turn off or skip which means if you have unlimited bombs or something you really only get to use them on 1 or 2 levels because you’re constantly waiting for the animations to pass.

Fun but super duper glitchy. I enjoy the game play, but it crashes very frequently. This will cause you to lose a win streak or a quest. I also wish you could minimize the animations or conversations between levels as that can take up time between levels. Overall I like it, but the crashing is a bummer.

I like the characters, the board, mini-games, and the game, but they give you a few boosters when you first start playing the game, and then there is no way to get them unless you purchase them, and then you have nothing. You only get 5 lives and can only earn lives every 20 minutes or purchase them. I don’t want to have to wait. I want to play my game. So that stinks, and I am really considering deleting because of these 2 things.

The game is very good, but crashes constantly on the S24U. It is really frustrating when you have limited lives and crashing causes it to assume you “lost” and removes a life. Or you’re on a streak and lose the bonus due to the crash. I’m nearly over it. Please release some kind of patch.

Loved it, that is until I switched to a new phone and lost all of my progress and had to start over and now everytime I play the app crashes and I lose lives, my streak and my patience. I would love to change my review but I feel like the only option I have would be to uninstall and reinstall which means starting over AGAIN. This makes me angry because I enjoyed this game until I started having all these issues.

Game freezes up, too many difficult levels, not great rewards or boosters unless you pay 900 coins, have to roll a dice or have a very small window at checkpoints and if you miss it wants 900 coins for you to get the treasure. Lucky Louie is stingy with the token rewards. Prefered original version for game play.

Really fun game! If you like match 3 games this one is great! I played Royal Match for years & this one is very similar but adds an element with the game board that makes it more engaging. Teams are active & communicative. The Match 3 games are challenging but not impossible which makes it competitive. The mini games are fun & a nice little treat. My only complaint would be that they don’t let you send lives to your teammates after a certain point. I don’t think that should be a feature. 9.9/10

This is one of the CUTEST games that I’ve ever played It’s relaxing(I don’t say that very often! lol) Cute characters, smooth game play, I even don’t mind the music Just started playing a couple of days ago, but I enjoy that it has a little bit of everything. Great job, creators

I’ve enjoyed the game. I’m confused though. I’m in the champion level where there are stages. (Not a map with levels) I’ve been there for a while. I downloaded this one, thinking maybe it would upgrade or at the very least say I’ve already downloaded the game. I was hoping for more levels. Now I have two treasure party games. One starting at the beginning and the other one at the end. I would love some help to clear up the confusion. Thank you.

I love this game! NO ads and it’s fantastic just to play the game without ads popping up all the time. Everything about it, so far, is really good and very enjoyable. Keeping ALL of this in mind, I’ve only just started to play, and I’m hoping that it remains the same as I play and reach higher levels. Thank you for allowing people to play this game as it’s really good to find a game where there isn’t any ads popping up all the time.

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