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Sailing MatchWelcome to Sailing Match,go on a sea adventure with brave and valiant Kerry!

Kerry is a well-known female explorer, she is brave, smart and free-spirited. She has seen many of nature’s most beautiful landscapes, and she has also travelled to many treacherous places.

One day, while sorting out books at her old house, she found an old diary, which she learnt was a nautical diary – written by her seafaring grandfather, with some interesting sea stories and beautiful landscape records, as well as rough route maps. Intrigued, Kerry wanted to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps, to go where he had been and see the sights he had seen, and resolutely set off on her sea journey.

Complete levels to earn coins and activity items and have fun! We have thousands of levels for you to challenge!


A classic Match 3 game for newbies and veterans alike!
Unlock and detonate powerful props!
Collect lots of coins and treasures in unique bonus levels!
Participate in a variety of events for great gifts!
Open Island Pass for a chance to win more coins, props, and lives!

We are working hard to improve it.If you encounter any problems while playing the game or have any suggestions,please feel free to contact us at comment[at]

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Sailing Match user reviews :

I like that I can continue making matches while the gems are still cascading down from my previous move. I’ll immediately uninstall a game if I’m only able to make one move at a time. I like the options to watch an ad for extra coins or bonuses. Great game so far!

It’s such a great game!!! Large beautifully sharp graphics, (especially for those of us 50+ folks)a chance to earn lots of coins, not too difficult but challenging.

Love this basic match 3 game. Has good graphics and effects, smooth playing, no hangups. Challenging enough to keep my interest, also relaxing & fun to play!

Enjoyable game so far. Fewer ads than most and easy to remove. This turns out like all the “no ads” games. You end up buying rewards in order to win levels. I’m uninstalling

Watching an ad to receive a booster is fine. However, being forced to watch an ad after every other level is a game not worth playing. Uninstalling

Nice enough game, similar to others of this genre. No story to follow or rooms to build etc so just match3 games. Some nice features, ability to win bonuses etc. A few glitches – can’t join a team (just stalls); can’t play the Sailboat Race (everything freezes as soon as you press Start); when you have to collect a certain number of coloured pieces to open a shutter the required number isn’t shown on the shutter which is a pain! So – not bad but needs tweaking. Ads aren’t too intrusive.

Good game, but has too many glitches. The Sailboat Race side game freezes my screen ever time I try to get into the Race. Also, I have tried to start a team many times with no success. Also, there don’t appear to be any teams that I can join. So, I cannot request lives. I’m going to give it a bit more time to see if the game’s makers will fix these issues quickly.

What a fun, fun game! Winnable levels and minimal ads. I started today and at level 101 already . Did I say it was FUN!!

A very nice game to play! There are several ways to earn coins and boosters and the game has great graphics and runs smoothly- no glitches.

Nice graphics, obviously you won’t be able to complete higher levels without spending an absorbent amount of money, but game play is nice. Couple of glitches along the way on watching ads were you don’t receive the bonus. Play it for what it’s worth to you.

Decent game. One problem is there are never any ads available when option is watch ad or pay. Not sure this is proper behaviour…. will check.

Great game with lots of various levels to achieve it is quite challenging and fun I’m in for sure

I enjoyed this game until I finally couldn’t pass anymore levels, you are playing for nothing unless you buy coins fun game tho

Great so far no glitches. I’m only on level 21 so it’s still early, I did give the developers money for no adds, I don’t mind doing that if it’s reasonable and it was. love the Graphics and fast pace of this game. I will come back after 20 more or so levels.

Loving the game so far. Of course it gets harder as you go along, but not until you are way up there in levels.

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