Trial Xtreme Legends – A true test of your bike handling skills

[Game] Trial Xtreme Legends

Trial Xtreme LegendsTrial Xtreme Legends is the most thrilling installment in the Trial Xtreme series yet! This mobile gaming experience offers a true test of your bike handling skills, precision, and endurance.

Embark on an adventure through the most challenging and intricately designed obstacle courses that require the perfect balance of speed and control. Go wheel-to-wheel against real players in adrenaline-filled tournaments, where every second counts and every move could either lead to victory or spell your downfall.

Experience the thrill of climbing up through the divisions, where the stakes get higher, the opponents tougher, and the tracks more challenging. In the world of Trial Xtreme Legend, the glory isn’t just for the fastest, but for the most skillful and determined riders.

Express your unique style with endless customization options. Upgrade your bike with powerful new components to enhance its performance. Change your rider’s gear to make a statement on the track.

Trial Xtreme Legend builds on the beloved gameplay of the Trial Xtreme series but introduces an even more competitive environment. Will you accept the challenge and become a true off-road motorcycle legend?

Key features:

Challenging and intricate obstacle courses that require precision and skill to
Adrenaline-filled multiplayer tournaments where you can compete against real players from around the world
Endless customization options to express your unique style
Competitive environment where you can test your skills against the best riders in the world

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding mobile gaming experience, then Trial Xtreme Legend is the game for you!

Trial Xtreme Legends user reviews :

fun game until it glitches during tournaments. the adds seem reasonable until you don’t get credit for watching them. could be a fun game with some fixes on the current issues. would pay for the tracks and upgrades but will it glitch there to? tech support said I should restart my phone and yet the problems still exist. could be and should be better then 2 stars. But under the circumstances, 2 stars is all I can give it.

locked progression behind playing ranked, ranked is full of bots who make impossible jumps and move faster than you, along with level hazards that CANNOT be completed with the base gear the game gives you, requiring purchases very quickly

  • Hi, Thank you for the feedback, We can assure you that all levels can be completed with the basic bike without any upgrades With regard to ranked races, as the bike upgrade system is random, you could face opponents with better acceleration while you have a better jump. please contact us at support[at] and we will be happy to elaborate

Game is great mechanically. Otherwise a money grab. Consistently in tournaments it feels youre playing bots. Secondly it will fairly regularly rank you down after the tournament, as if to not pay you out what it should.

  • Hi Bryce, Thank you for the feedback, we can assure you we are not ranking you down in tournaments, would appreciate if you could write to us to support[at] and we could investigate your account further

no real update for too long. we need the dual battle thing back and the tournament is almost impossible now. needs better matching

Top game that is available on play store in my opinion good

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