NS2 – The adrenaline never stops

[Game] NS2 – Underground

NS2Welcome to NS2: Underground – race game, where the adrenaline never stops and the speedometer never goes down!

Get ready to take on the ultimate driving of high-speed night car racing with nitro boost in this thrilling new game. Racing car games are here to impress you!


variety of racing cars! Choose from a range of powerful cars and customize them to suit your style in a race game! Enjoy car racing with sleek and stylish sports car or a tough and rugged muscle car – the choice is yours!
racing cars are destructible! Get increased racing immersion! Save the car or repair it after collisions in racing car games!
Easy and flexible driving controls for pleasant ultimate driving!
Drifting! Make tight turns without losing speed and become the most skillful driver of the race game!
Nitro boost! Turn this roaring engine on, break your limits and reach higher heights during car racing!


Traffic city. Drive fast in a night city full of lights and complete different challenges with nitro boost and ultimate driving!
City mode! Ride to relax and watch how the city lives, each of its street corners and crosswalk in car racing!
more ultimate driving modes are coming: free track racing mode, traffic race, travel, campaign for racing car games!


City! Enjoy the streets full of lights and traffic! Drive different racing cars for more experience!
Turn the music on to feel more fun in racing car games!

Take on the city’s most challenging roads, from narrow alleyways and sharp turns to long straightaways and hair-raising jumps. Avoid obstacles, drift around corners, and use nitro boost to outpace the competition. See you in NS2: Underground – race game!

NS2 user reviews :

It’s like Midnight Club, I like the timed tracks and challenges. I get trying to monotize it and I’m down, but showing an ad in the middle of the race is too much and messes with the experience.

I was forced to watch four commercials before the game even started before I even saw my car. And then I was crammed with commercials all over the screen. Now we’re going to have to talk about the horrible steering in the cars. And the lack of options for the steering. And then this game has the audacity to think I’m going to pay you money to stop all your damn commercials. Not going to happen Jr instead I’m uninstalling your game. That saves me money and I don’t have to look at your commercials

This would be great if the ads weren’t so oppressive. As soon as I opened the game there were ads. I watch those and then literally 20 seconds later more ads. It is unplayable at this point.

This game was fun you can play without using internet

The graphics aren’t the best, but I really like the idea they tried to create. I love the city in the game, but there are many things to work on, like shadows, movement, and so on. The soundtracks are amazing!

Fun game. Good graphics. Plays good.

Yo this is a noice game

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