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[Game] Solitaire TriPeaks Holidays

Solitaire TriPeaks Holidays  Play the newest Solitaire TriPeaks game of 2022 and enjoy home design makover!

Start a solitaire tour, travel around the world to unlock mysterious solitaire story, and decorate your home by completing Tripeaks Solitaire games free!

Love playing solitaire and home design games? Start your solitaire cruise off with Solitare TriPeaks: Holidays. A challenging solitaire tripeaks card game that’s packed with plot twists and new gameplays on traditional card games like Classic Solitaire, Klondike, Pyramid, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, and other card games!

It’s a perfect combination of card puzzles and house makeover!


Play Solitaire: More than 4000+ tripeaks solitaire games free with puzzling layouts!
Home Design: Design & decorate home while enjoying playing solitaire games free!
Solitaire Story: Explore the tripeaks solitaire world and unlock new chapters!
Fun Events: Get goodies from Slot Machines, the Lucky Wheel, and Bonus Treasures!
Dynamic Graphics: Discover the most beautiful gems in your solitaire cruise journey – Belle Mare, Havana, Venice, or Paris.

This free solitaire tripeaks card game is equally relaxing and challenging! Switch up your traditional Klondike card game with a solitaire game free that comes full of unique twists and addictive home design makeover feature!

Classic Solitaire Tripeaks
Relax with classic tri peaks solitaire games free that are more interesting and challenging than FreeCell, Tiki Solitaire and Spider Solitaire. Dive into exciting klondike levels that feature special Klondike obstacle cards and compete against players from all over the world on your solitaire tripeaks cruise.

Home Design Features
Get creative, design and decorate your dream home while solving challenging tripeaks solitaire levels! Unlock new areas with tons of decorations and furniture of various styles to choose from.

Dynamic Graphics & Themed Scenery
Play solitaire games free, travel around the world & visit magnificent locations on your solitaire cruise journey! Complete tons of fun tripeaks solitaire card games to unlock new chapters of your solitaire tour!
It takes skill, tactics, patience, and wit to win this solitaire card game! Blast through puzzling solitaire levels & enjoy unique home design fun anytime, anywhere! No Wi-Fi or internet connection is required.

Explore the world while also putting your solitaire and design skills to the test as you build up your wealth on this Solitaire Tripeaks adventure. Travel to different countries and challenge yourself to become a master of Solitaire Tripeaks.

The Solitaire thrill just never stops! Download NOW, play solitaire, enjoy travelling and decorate your dream home!

Solitaire TriPeaks Holidays user reviews :

I love tripeaks but I’m very frustrated at how ea game is geared for u to fail. It costs so much just to play this game and if u don’t pay in real cash u can’t get very far. Maybe I don’t have the smarts to make it work but I end up quitting the level because I run out of cards to play and trying to pass ea level without paying in actual cash. The payout doesn’t quite match the price to play. It’s a good challenge but so frustrating. One of the perks is there’s no ads or very few to speak of
  • ME2ZEN Limited
  • Dear player, thank you for your feedback! Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better! We hope you could stay with us! Mike
Needs more options to watch ads for boosters. No ads between levels was great. Levels get very challenging quickly. Mission goals are set too high and rewards are small.
  • ME2ZEN Limited
  • Thank you for your review. We value your opinions very much and will forward your advice to the related departments to optimize the game. We could not guarantee that it would be an adjustment at this moment. However, we will keep it in mind for future development plans for sure. Ray
The gameplay is okay the graphics are nice. But you advertise that you can also choose to undress the stripper as you play different games. So far I have found nothing in this game that resembles anything like that at all. Not to mention they overcharge for a lot of stuff.
  • ME2ZEN Limited
  • Dear player, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will forward your advice to the related department to optimize the game. Your comment should provide a better game experience for the whole server. Thank you for your continued support. Mike
New to the game but I was wondering how else do you get a travler pass? I would like to collect all the rewards I earned. Is the only way is to get it is with real cash? It sure does costs alit coins to play each time but the pay out isn’t as large? Hhmm! Just a few things I’ve noticed from other games
  • ME2ZEN Limited
  • Hi Traveler, The travel pass need to purchase, but it can collect more bonus. You can check it on the game. Ray

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Improved user experience.

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