Turbo Tap Race – Overtake all of your opponents

[Game] Turbo Tap Race

Turbo Tap Race  Start racing in this super-easy to pick up & intuitive racing game!

Turbo Tap Race is an antidote to all those over-elaborate super-complex racing games that demand huge dedication and hours of your time. Here you just tap… And race!

Turbo Tap Race is an easy-to play racing game with lots of content and much more coming in future updates!

Use the amazingly simple controls to control your speed and use it to overtake all of your opponents… But you have to be careful – go too fast and you may end up crashing or getting off course – and that will cost you precious time!

Race over multiple cool environments and earn in-game money for your progress. Use it to upgrade your speed, wheels, and armor.

Become one of the fiercest drivers in history, an unstoppable driving legend. It’s simpler than you think!

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Turbo Tap Race user reviews :

The concept is very interesting, but the way is implemented it is bad. It doesn’t matter at all how is the road and when you accelerate or brake, because the other will crash on you. You can’t just stop them to be a bunch of fools who don’t know how to drive a car.

That game i have future car and NO ADS At ALL some future upgrades to this issue is gone and all types of ads are crashed

This game is really nothing, all what to do is hold your finger, and the grafics also bad

It’s one of those really boring games where you have to keep upgrading a car to get it to pass a level. The adverts make it look like you are doing something interesting like steering, but no. A level is literally you holding your finger on the screen and waiting until the end. Then spending the cash you got for playing the level in upgrading the car. And watching adverts. Don’t bother.

For the people who ate complaining about the ads, grow up I’ve played this game a d there like 3 second adds and so I’m not a bot as ppl say and I’ve played it. True,theres no steering but it’s worth five stars still

It has potential to become great arcade game for those who seek simplicity and fun. Few things I may suggest: * Please don’t ruin the game with intrusive ads. If the game is good enough, people will happily buy items/coin for your revenue. Even small banners will make the game looks cheap. * Add online multi-player capability with in-game lounge/lobby.

Was ok to start with, after you have unlocked the cars, only five, and upgraded everything, the races are just the same, from about level 40. Shame as it was ok before then. Also you race against cars you can’t have yourself, which is a shame, would also be good to be able to steer yourself

You hold your finger down. THAT’S. IT. Rubbish car, rubbish game play, you can’t even play strategically, breaking or cutting corners. It’s all controlled so you have to keep paying to improve your car in stages and the stages don’t even really improve the car. Also the other cars upgrade along with yours, so what’s the point? You just hold your finger down and that’s it. Boring AF!!!

Was really enjoying this game but I have now either finished it within an hour or it’s crashed! All I see now is water! It won’t do anything! If it’s fixed will change to 5 stars………Game has had update and is a fun easy to play game now 5 stars! Edit….. Have been stuck on level 113 forever!! This level is impossible to win! Doesn’t matter if you’re full speed through the whole race you can’t win!
  • BoomBit Games
  • hello, we’ve made a game update. Please check if everything is ok after the update
The latest update kinda make the handling weird. It always try to drift itself when releasing my finger from the screen, and when accelerate back, every car always oversteer with no building up acceleration like the past version of game. This latest update also make the upgrades felt useless because of the car handling, they were not as rewarding as before.
  • BoomBit Games
  • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please write to us at support[at]boombit.com and describe your issue as accurately as possible. We’ll do everything we can to help! Best wishes, BoomBit Support
This game has a lot of potential…. The controls are very easy but we need to be able to change lanes or buy new cars/ and also have an incentive like different modes to keep gamers playing …. Some minor bug fixes are also needed …. I will keep posting such reviews for the betterment of this game …. Loads of fun and potential for this game … Eagerly waiting for new stuff … Thanks!
  • BoomBit Games
  • Thank you for your opinion. Soon we will add a new game mode – Challenge mode!

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