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[Game] Wildshade fantasy horse races

Wildshade  Have you heard of the Wildshade horses?

Breed your dream horse with over 40 million options, equip each horse with matching tack, and prove that you are worthy of the legendary Wildshade herd. Win magical horse races in a fantastical, adventure-filled world!

Long ago, once a year near the village of Wildshade, something magical took place. A rainbow glow filled the sky, a sign that the wild horses of Wildshade had returned! Nobody knew where they came from or where they would return to. But one thing they did know for sure was that the horses were proud, brave, and worthy of respect. The villagers gathered for a race, each horse choosing their own rider. No sooner were they on the horse than each rider felt free, unbeatable.

And then, tragedy struck: the village and the surrounding area caught fire, the flames were unstoppable. The Wildshade horses never returned. The village was rebuilt and the people returned, the landscape recovered, but there was no sign of the horses.

The people in the village held horse races in memory of those beautiful wild beasts, trying to recapture those magical moments of the past when the horses would appear and the wild race began.

And now you, too can experience the magic of the Wildshade horses, thanks to Wildshade the game. There are plenty of wild horse races and beautiful, fantastic horses just waiting to meet you!


There are so many new worlds to discover
Learn new skills as you explore thrilling race tracks
Increase your abilities with each race as you discover new options

Breed the perfect horse from millions of options
Each horse has its own set of characteristics
Each horse is unique

Try out tack for your horse
Select their saddle, bridle, blanket, hairstyle, hair color
Decide what equipment you need to race

Choose your character’s appearance
Give your character a name
Pick from one of eight different riders

Wildshade user reviews :

I love this game! But i’d like if you could make a free roam mode. If you do, i’d glady give the game 5 stars.

Love this game. It’s very cute, beautifully made, and with cute horses. Even if you play with robots, this game is the best horse racing game i have played

Best horse game ever!!!! The races are so much fun. And all the horses you can collect is fun too! But…. When I am racing it is soooo rare to get the angel wings… Do you think it can be less rare to get? I always try to get the angel wings but it’s not possible!! I am a level 30. But..it is still the best game ever. Highly recommended!!!!!

A really fun game and helps pass the time, especially with all the race tracks and all the horses you can collect! I wanted to suggest something, though. A free roam option where you could just ride your horse around town would be really fun! Other than that, it’s a really good game and I’d definitely recommend it to other horse enthusiasts!

If you like Alicia online. (PC game), then you’ll probably love this. It’s pretty much identical to that game. Well the magic races anyways. All done to the way the horse rears at the start of the race, to some of the magic attacks and even the flying. If you have a pc, just play Alicia, it’s much better and has more to do. But if you dont. And have been wanting to get your hands on Alicia, then get this.

Original comment deleted so I will reply to your reply. Many games offer the ability to play fully through, not screw people out of continuing to play by forcing them to pay or lose. I was winning every race, still gave up 5 bucks for cosmetic things I wanted. Then I quit because I hit the “you haven’t given us enough money, buy a faster horse for $15” wall. Your game could be great if you let skill and dedication be a factor. Instead you force anyone having fun to shell out or quit. =(
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  • Hi! We understand that you would love to have all content for free. But creating apps is expensive—each game has an entire dedicated team. We hope you can understand that some things in our apps cost money because of that. If you have any further questions or comments, please send us an email at apps[at]tivola.de Your Tivola Mobile Team

This game is downright incredible! The graphics quality is perfect, the game is sooo amazing and it’s super fun to unlock all the coat colours, eye colours etc. Lots of people have been asking how to breed a blue horse so I might as well just say how to do it here all you have to do is breed a grey and a brown horse a couple of times then boom you got urself a brand new blue horse. To get a blue mane and tail that will cost 1800 in the colours section

It is super fun. I am excited for friends. I really like the racing with the suprises in them. One thing they could add when they add friends is racing each other. Like 1 on 1 racing. In a u tube vid I watched she said that u race computers. I think it would be fun to race real players and then if there isnt enough going in to that race at that time they could add some computers to fill up the spots. Either than that it the BEST game EVER!!

Latest Update :

We’ve heard your feedback and are making some adjustments to the store:
Brushes are getting significantly cheaper to keep your horse clean!
With the new bundle, which includes a horse, five new pitches, and 4000 sun crystals, you’ll be all set for your adventures in Wildshade!
The nine spring horses, such as “RoyalRose”, “Lollipop” and “Sleeping Beauty” return, so you can gallop into the new season with style!

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