Ultraman – Forming your own Ultra team

[Game] Ultraman – Legend of Heroes

UltramanAll Ultraman and the Monsters already in the game

Super popular and classic like Ultraman Geed, Orb, Zero, Legend, Ginga, Tiga, X, Belial, Dyna, Cosmos, Justice, Nexus, Noa, Mebius, Victory and so on;

Star monsters and powerful opponents such as Zogu, Golza, Dark Zagi, Zetton, Gomora, Juggler, Tyrant, Red King, King Joe, Maga Orochi, Renki, Chimeraberus , Darklops Zero, Kyrieloid, Godzilla and so on;
Mirror Knight, Glen Fire, Jean-Bot and other members of the Zero Guard.

Official authorized Fully restored classic
“Ultraman Legend of Heroes” is an 3D action mobile game based on the classic national fantasy tokusatsu “Ultraman” series, officially authorized by Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. Classic and legendary ultraman come together, each character model, action, skill and dubbing, strictly follow the classic scene perfect restoration. Allowing you to experience the original Ultraman plot, while showing you a true grandeur Ultra World, let you be in it and be excited.

Ultra Brothers Assembly Guild Collaboration
After the game reaches a certain level, the arena PVP system will be unlocked. The arena battle is no longer a simple duel. Instead, it is a free combination. Players are no longer limited to role battles. The new rotation system, various powerful and different Ultraman heroes allow you to get more different match, giving you unlimited possibilities, forming your own Ultra team, uniting allied friends, sweeping all opponents, and winning the final victory!

Cosmic Prison Copy Wanted Monsters at Escape
The Cosmic Prison detaining the demons who harm the world. However, there are many devious King Demon, and they are scattered throughout the universe. In order to catch them, the prison issued wanted posters every day, calling on the heroes to bring them to justice. Complete daily missions and obtain precious monster map Cards from the prison. Cards can be synthesized and loaded in the Technology Bureau, giving your Ultraman more power!

As a child, you needed Ultraman to awaken your heroic dreams; now, Ultraman needs you to command battle to save the earth!
You are also a hero worthy of praise!

If you have any questions about the game, please send an email to support@myjoymore.com
Youtube channel:www.youtube.com/channel/UC2m6ATzlLZJln5obECk5Pig
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Ultraman user reviews :

I’m giving it a 4 star because it was so easy to get a couple of ss stars within a hour or so of playing. The graphics are nice and the performance is great as well. However the negatives are there’s no voice acting of any kind, no real story or purpose as to what’s going on, and being unable to bind the account is bad. Though I heard that feature will be coming later so looking forward to that.

The game is cool however, needs more improvment. Firstly, the combat system. It needs to be improved. Beating enemies up is too easy but sometimes it takes too long, it needs more optimization. Secondly, the user interface. The U.I. looks very ugly. IDK if this bothers other people as well but a good interface could make the game look more exiciting. Thirdly, the character models. Some of them just don’t look right and it’s because of the proportions. Please fix it.

Still no improvement and updated in this game after many year I have play,however its still a good game and I have it will get improvement like account to bind,have all ultraman and all ultraman have all their form,because Dyna not have strength form

Great roster, FAR TOO MANY ADs. Won’t load on Samsung S22 Ultra even though Google Play says its compatible. If it’s not fixed I’ve lost about 1 year of time and purchases.

  • Terima kasih atas dukungan Anda, kami akan terus bekerja keras untuk memberikan Anda pengalaman bermain yang lebih baik

Thank you for responding to my review about the game cannot be saved. However,can u update the game by adding a the a few characters like the china version?It would be really amazing if you did that.Furthermore,i love this game soo much and im hoping that you would update the new ultra and monsters soon.

Why this ultraman game update is to late n No new features in th game. I want ultraman geed galaxy rising n all ultraman Skills need to change because the second form also the same skill only. I want taiga chapter, z, titas , fuma , orb trinity , saga ,king and all new ultraman or monster. Please guys help us . we r love ultramans game . please help me .

IT is the best game the graphics are good the game play is good but the only problem I have is ads but it is still Good!

Anyway, i love the ultraman tregear, it may be evil but it is the coolest “Urutoraman” i ever seen in my eyes, ultraman tregear have an early style before its turn evil, but unfortunately now he is fall in darkness, Ultraman tregear, right? Heh, facinating……. but this game stages is too hard, and upgrade my ultramans is not easy at all, so….about the game’s difficulty, i still dissapointed.

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