Bladebound – Bring back the light and becoming a hero

[Game] Bladebound – hack and slash RPG

Bladebound   Gash your way to glory in an oldschool hack’n’slash RPG! Swipe on the screen to cast powerful spells and defeat your opponents.

Destroy the Betrayer’s servants in a spectacular style. The first mobile action game in a console quality!

Bladebound is a dynamic hack and slash which draws from the best representatives of the genre. Take on the role of the last guardian of the Bladebound Order, who returns after 1.000 years to rout the Betrayer’s army and save the Shaterred Lands.


throw punches and cast spells by drawing on-screen gestures
adjust the fighting style to the dangers lurking in the story
train to become the best among the chosen ones


challenging opponents, legendary treasures and challenges – everything you loved in RPG actions
three difficulty levels for real warriors
hundreds of epic weapons and armors to collect and improve
dozens of skills and spells
dark fantasy world for oldschool gamers to bring back the hack’n’slash nostalgia


experience a dark story of blood and vengeance on dozens of levels
become a master at the Arena – a deadly competetive mode
take part in special Events and Challenges
dozens of character builds to develop your own fighting style


3D console-like graphics
spectacular special effects and smooth gameplay
experience yourself that a mobile RPG in epic quality is possible

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Bladebound user reviews :

One of the best if not THE best ARPG I have ever played on a mobile phone. Graphics are stunning, the game is well optimised so you don’t need a high-end phone. The gameplay is just great, a pretty big amount of items available letting you choose your playstile. ALSO on top of everything, it’s freaking free… what else can I say? This game is just great, I would and I will recommend it to other people too. Great job developers!

  • We are happy to hear that! Thank you!

It is a great hack n slash rpg with various skills and upgrading equipment. It starts off a bit too easy but it gets harder later on. I like the skill system and the pvp. I wish there was some sort of talent system (passives) as well to help you deeply customize your hero. The levels are much too small and the bosses don’t have interesting mechanics. The games has decent action but poor content.

Edit: Well, it was fun while it lasted!! Completely stuck on the boss interface with no key to fight and can’t get out of the interface for anything. Complete waste… I knew better to drop $ on this game! It’s great, graphics, gameplay, storyline. Only gripe would be the load times between the super short missions…wish the levels were longer. So far so good.

mindless timesink for any isometric-ARPG fan. Quality/variety of art is pleasing. Effective satisfying gear/upgrade system. Warrior gameplay felt intuitive, responsive, smooth, and gratifying. I wish the directional autotargeting and leaping attack were more intuitive. RNG P2W with timegated energy limits gameplay time per sitting, but if you arent absolutely addicted then you dont need to spend IRL $ if you know how to OPTIMIZE CHAPTER, QUEST, AND LEVEL UP REWARDS! Neutral gear helps bag space

For those Who keep asking for Offline. well you can Play the game Offline actually. When inside the game (after synchronized data) you may “Turn-off” your Wifi or Mobile Data, and you can still Play – However, by doing this you cannot Refill your Energy, you can not Participate events or any Online Features. so therefore, obviously if you run-out of Energy then you need to go Online. Hope this msg Helps you a Little.
  • Artifex Mundi
  • Hi, Kim! Thank you so much for all the nice words, it means a lot for us! We do recommend staying online, as your is kept in the cloud :) Visit us on ! / Gabi
The best Hack&Slash on the market !! And no lies here. I know theres alot to improve from this game but I know this is total fun. However my suggestions is the energy, theres not much we can do after all the energy runs out and also arena stamina. I wish theres a switch on how we control the character for moving around because tapping on the ground sometimes unleash my skill so I wish theres an option on how we want to move/control our character, the skill gesture is okay and cool but sometimes our fingers are blocking the view so again I emphasizes on ways we can control our char. This may avoid repetition on playing. I’ll gonna stick and see how well this game will develops. Regards.
  • Artifex Mundi
  • Hi Jordan! Thank you so much for your amazing feedback and kind words! Please check out our wiki for all the ways to renew your energy: Also, we’re still developing the game, so who knows – anything might change! :) Join our forum to share your thoughts and feedback! / Gabi

Latest Update :

We are introducing Gear and Perk balance changes. Numerous buffs among Legendary Gear will now let you create more potent character builds in Elements which were rarely used, such as Nature. Moreover, a few Perks have their attribute values and impact on Hero Power slightly adjusted.

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