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UnmindWhoever you are, whatever you do — we’re all united by one thing.

We all have mental health.
Unmind helps you understand, measure and improve your mental health with self-guided learning, bitesize boosts and human-to-human support.
Designed by psychologists and experts, this is wellbeing that works.

Manage stress and anxiety
Learn techniques to feel calm and in control, or try in-the-moment exercises to help you cope when panic strikes.

Sleep better
Listen to sounds and stories to help you drift off, or take a self-guided course on the science of sleep.

Try talking therapy
Book a session with an expert mental health practitioner. You could talk about your relationships, your career, or just take some time for yourself.

Get personal recommendations
Use the Wellbeing Tracker to measure your wellbeing and get personalized recommendations based on your scores in different areas, such as sleep, health and stress.

We don’t gamble with your mental health. This means we take science, and data, very seriously. Our approach is based on clinical expertise, and we stick to the most watertight security standards. Your personal info is yours alone – 100% confidential and safe.


Unmind user reviews :

I love this app, I’ve been using it since 2020 and I use it quite a lot. I like the soundscapes sometimes I listen to them as I work. I use the Yoga segments in my morning routine at the minute and I listen to the daily boosts on the way to work. I also fill in the how am I feeling section and have done one or two courses. Overall I have really enjoyed it and I love using it. The only issue I’m having is the App crashes a lot. I just open it back up but it can be slightly frustrating.

  • Hi Maryanne, thanks for your kind feedback! We’re delighted to hear you’re finding value in our content and that Unmind has become a part of your morning routine and commute! Concerning the app crashing, can you update to the latest version of the app and see if that resolves this issue? If that doesn’t help, please contact us at support[at]unmind.com

Dreadful to Navigate. There are so many good life management apps out there. This one is provided through my job so I tried it and its awful. I tried to follow one of the courses. Information isn’t downloading and impossible to navigate to different parts of the course. I also don’t like my entire life being boiled down to a singular method. I can’t see this being beneficial for anybody not feeling mentally well.

  • Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Please contact us at support[at]unmind.com so that we can assist you in troubleshooting the issues with downloading. We are constantly updating and expanding our content to ensure that our users have access to the latest and most relevant methods to support their need.

Since the update, the app is not working, it loggedme out and then I can’t log back in.

Has a lot of potential, there’s some really great stuff on here. I have a couple of suggestions for improvements: 1. Dark mode!! Using this at night isn’t pleasant. 2. Ability to favourite series or “save for later”. 3. Ability to favourite tools/soundscapes. I can never remember the names of the ones I like. 4. More options when checking in, why have “playful” but not “motivated”? Plenty of others you could add!

  • Thank you for positive feedback Michael! We appreciate there’s always room for improvement and your suggestions are popular feature requests. Our Product Team are currently making some headway – you can now favourite Tools via the mobile. This will appear within your ‘Liked Tools’. I have passed on the rest of your comments for consideration.

This is the best self care/mental health app I have ever used. I find the layout easy and they have every tool you can think of. The series are fantastic and I have learnt so much about mental health and managing my own. I was worried about not being motivated to keep continuing a learning series but it’s so simple and you complete such a small portion each day. I Highly recommend

Nice idea but has problems. Videos either don’t play at all, are stop start, or stop halfway through and refuse to continue. Maybe need a better server. It’s all a bit lightweight of course because it’s just an app, and therefore won’t really help those that need it the most. Some of the voices used in the audio are quite annoying, and the ‘daily boost’, well, doesn’t. I have found the technical issues with this app leave me more stressed than when I started, which doesn’t really help.

  • Hi Mikky, thank you for flagging and for leaving your feedback. It’d be great if you could get in touch with us on support[at]unmind.com so we can look into the issues you’re having with video playback.

This is a brilliant app, if you suffer fron depression, anxiety, panic attack and much more, it asks you some questions about yourself and your problems, then It gives you a programme to follow. It tells you when to meditate, and also gives you some courses to watch, it tells you when the best time is to do them, it follows you’re progress and changes thing when you need it. I have been using this for a year now, and Ive found it so good. It’s really helped my mental health. 10/10 Brilliant

  • Hi Sharon, thank you very much for taking the time to leave your feedback! We’re so pleased to hear that you’re enjoying Unmind and all the content the platform has to offer. If you ever have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at support[at]unmind.com.

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