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Rich IncEver dreamed to become a richie rich and living like a millionaire tycoon? Play life simulation game to get from zero to hero and compose your own success story. Make right life choices and go from rags to riches!

Help an unemployed guy in this idle life simulator and get him to top rich person ever! The path from poor to rich may be hard, but very attractive, because you will be able to choose where to study and work. Or will you play the stock market or in a casino?

Finish college and win any dispute. Start your career from the street hustle beggar and upgrade your level of knowledge. Choose different courses from a sales manager to law courses. Make a friendship with your boss and get a faster promotion. Money simulator game is waiting for you!

Turn into an idle office tycoon, find out what it’s like to live a rich life. Decide what type of job you want from a manager, an investment advisor, a deputy director or startup financing person. Make the right choices for your hero. Want to hit the bank and become a billionaire? Do it, anyway your sim will end up starving on the streets.

Move from streets to dorms, here more than 5 people – it’s fun, but crowded. Then move to a small, but cozy apartment. In the future you can choose between a townhouse, villa, mansion or even a private island on money land! Live the second life in luxury simulator!

Get into a relationship, choose the cutest housewife girl ever! Decide will you marry her or keep looking for the best? Move in together, keep the relationship stronger and finally get married! Have children and grow them up.

Restore the percentage of the scale of health and happiness to a fixed level. Fulfill the wishes of the character so that the happiness indicator will be stable.


Start from poor beggar and try to survive;
Getting rich and earn cash as much as you can;
Buy new clothes, apartments, cars or make investments;
Make the right choices to reach the goal and become a billionaire;
Be the lifesim in this money inc game;
Enjoy easy gameplay of tycoon life – just make choices and tap the screen.
Tap your way from poor to rich and become the richest person;
Trade the stock market or start your own business;
Become the boss of your life and be happy!

Join this exciting game in a richest adventure, earn cash and enjoy idle guy life in a 100 years life simulator. Build a great career and make big money. Run your own business to become a billionaire in our money management business simulator game. Try the lifestyle of a wealthy capitalist in the Rich Inc. game.

Tap your way to success and feel like a tycoon!

Rich Inc user reviews :

Game doesn’t do justice to the ads. It’s decent I suppose. 3 stars because my complaint is a bit strange. This game follows the formula, easy user access, ads (which aren’t a complaint), and a nice tutorial. That last part is my issue. The game advertises an ability to fail, and choices that determine this. The reality is that many of those “choices” are actually just laid out in a by-the-books progression list with a tutorial telling you exactly what to buy in order to avoid failure early game.

I purchased “no ads” so I wouldn’t have to skip through ads constantly. I was excited to get into the game at that point but I quickly found out the game levels are rigged. Basically the expenses will always outweigh the income so you’re forced to watch ads anyway or go broke and start over. Point is don’t spend money on this game unless you want to be frustrated and feel like you wasted time and money!

  • Hello! The game balance and economy are built in such a way as to be challenging for the player. Try to save up more money before moving on, or play some mini games. Give us a second chance – this will be the best motivation for us to improve the game further. If you have any questions, please let us know via support[at]

Overall game is fun for what it is. However the ads are insane, we get it you guys are trying to make money, but there should be a balance not ads for when you have to sit around and wait to save up money and then get an ad for not doing anything kind of lame. Not only that, you have a bugged ad in which it can’t be closed out of. (State of survival) in which you watch to get the bonus but have to close out of the game, so you lose the bonus, you lose the winnings, and what lose what you spent.

  • Hello! We’re so sorry about that. We’d love to sort it out for you, so if you can give us a few more details via support[at], we’ll do our best to get that issue resolved as soon as possible.

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