Valkyrie Rush – Enjoy the endless battles

[Game] Valkyrie Rush – Idle & Merge

Valkyrie Rush  Let glamorous and beautiful Valkyries fight in the boundless battlefield: ValkyrieRush

Enjoy the endless battles with Valkyries of various combination.

Unique and Different Goddess Valkyries

Summon fairies from Crystals to fuse them to a Legendary Valkyrie!
Build a clan by collecting gorgeous yet dangerous Valkyries
including a goddess of battlefields with heavy weapons and a witch using range magic.

Upgrade Valkyries Online & Offline
Upgrade your Valkyries constantly from EXP and Gold you obtain when you are offline.
Collect Valkyries to conquer the endless planets.
Valkyries continue to fly to battle in the sky when you’re playing it or not.

Enjoy Glamorous Shooting Actions With Simple Control
No more complicated strategies.
All you need to do is to adjust the positions and to drag Valkyries to enjoy the shooting battles flying through thy broad sky.

Various Contents to Enjoy
Upgrade your Valkyries to go further!
Compete with other players in contents including Legendary Boss and Daily Dungeon.

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Valkyrie Rush user reviews :

The game is great and overall fun but I have a problem now. This keeps coming up. It keeps auto resetting daily login and it won’t let me play the game. It keeps popping up the daily login screen. You can collect all 7 days and I’ll reset and it will continue to keep the same progress that you had. So if I collect all 7 days and reset I can collect them again repeatedly. And I can’t really play my game because it gets in the way and it won’t let me click anything else
  • Com2uS
  • Oh no! We can give it a double check for you so please send us a message over to our support team @ !
I like the game and it seems like it would be fun but I’ve been having issues with the game freezing up on my device just about every time the dialogue for the tutorial would pop up and sometimes when returning from the menu to the battle screen! The game also causes my phone to heat up when I do get to play! If these issues were fixed I would 5* this one as it seems to be super fun and has really nice graphics!
  • Com2uS
  • We’re very sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the game. Contact our support team at so that we may help you get this sorted out for you. We’ll try harder to bring a better and smoother gaming experience!
I hate to say this but there is a bug with the 7 day reward system. I collect from both sides over and over at the end of the 7th reward on the list the reset screen pops up click ok and I have to collect again, rinse and repeat. After the 20th time around close game and force stop it. Reenter the game and the above process starts over. I just started the game not 10 minutes ago and this comes up. It’s a new game for Pete’s sake this big should be squashed already….. come on people
  • Com2uS
  • Trouble with the game?! We got you! Please send us a message over to our support team @ for more help!

Let me start with what little bit i could play of the game was really really great. It was a bit upsetting honestly that the game didnt function correctly. First it kicks u off every so often no warning. Second it got stuck on the seven day rewards. It gave me all 7 days at once but it also go stuck on that screen so every so often i was lucky enough to exit the rewards box and do a few dungeons or events but the box remained glitched on screen

And I thought tut ended but afterwards there is a semi tut for other things and no way to disable indications. The other is the mini loading after each lvl up is a bit annoying imo along with pop ups of trying to make the player buy things. Overall this is an auto simple shmp game with combination gameplay with waifus galore (idle included). Can’t say there is something special bout this but it’s up to the individ. to make up their own mind of this game.

I really love these types of games! The art, gameplay, and graphics are beautiful! But there’s a slight problem, I have a bug that lets me redeem login infinitely and gives me free stuff, but it always pops up.

Latest Update :

Clan Conquest Added
3-Match Event Puzzle Added
Convenience Improved and Bug Fixed

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