Shadow Knights – Become infinitely stronger

[Game] Shadow Knights – Idle RPG

Shadow Knights  Enjoy a large-scale corps battle led by the shadow lord in an idle RPG game!

No matter how strong the enemy, resurrect it as your own shadow soldier and become infinitely stronger!

If you kill yesterday’s enemy with today’s ally, you can make your own shadow soldier! Defeat the enemy with dozens of shadow corps!

Idle game dominated by one finger A must-have game for busy and busy modern people! Idle type system that gets stronger by itself!
You can become the best protagonist in fantasy easier and faster than others.

Various contents If you acquire a shadow soldier, you can enter all dungeons together indefinitely!
Subdue the evil dragon dungeon and go on an adventure to the tower of endless trials!

The best bout of my life with a combination of individuality, collect numerous shadow soldiers and artifacts, and deploy your corps with your own strategy! Dozens of strategic plays are possible depending on the faction and skill combination!

App Permissions

Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

How to revoke access ▸ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Permissions > Permissions list > Revocation settings ▸ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the application ※ If you are using an Android version less than 6.0 Since you cannot individually set optional access rights, it is recommended to update to version 6.0 or later.

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Shadow Knights user reviews :

In the info about “Sieg” raid it says “your lord and shadows can attack Sieg for a limited time” and I never saw my lord in the raid. It also says “more rewards are obtained by dealing more damage to Sieg”. So, dealing 4,32T gives me less in quantity and quality, than dealing 80G. This all sucks. Fix your game, please!

Good game but, for one you can’t progress while afk, and two the hit boxes feel off. You can have a whole team of shadows and the boss/enemies (almost always the ranged ones) will target you instead killing you almost instantly. Outside of that though the game is great and the chat is always fun to read. The characters are cool.

I change my rate to 3 . Althou its a nice game. But the problem is. Getting a hard time atleast get legendary hero. Every time i open using diamonds. The hero i got always repeating. Which is kinda annoying. .. u wont progress to other quest if you dont have proper hero.

The pay wall is irritating, but hey, it’s a free ap and a time killer. It has to be a very new game because there are misspellings. “Not owend” instead of owned for example.

I love the game, but I hate the complete lack of available information to look up for it online. There’s no wiki, no site I can find seems to even be talking about it. I want to know the max levels for the knights. I want to know the max level for the grimoires. Does the Lord have a max level? I can’t find ANY of this information and the game doesn’t tell you. Otherwise, it would get 5 stars.

Really good game but it’s not really an idle game when you only get gold to upgrade your hero and you have to be in game to get all the other resources you need.

A nice change of pace for an idle game. Wish there were agility type shadows, but that’s the only critique I can come up with.

Lot of misspelling and annoying to progress. In the artifacts tab most of the weapons or items when not owned are spelt “not owened.” Aside from that the game is fun, it just feels like the progression is insanely slow.

I enjoy the game. But I feel they try to force you to buy the ad free. You try to get the bonuses from watching ads and they just don’t load. Only game I have this issue on.

I play for several rebirth, the progression was slow, especially after reaching stage 1500-1600. It’s very hard to upgrade to the next artifact tiers. Need google play achievements. I like the gameplay though, like one of popular Korean light novel.

It’s a good game takes a bit if days to grins which is fun it’s smooth oaced and not too fast. I like the rng system where you can repeatedly get chests every day and slow build your way.

Game is fun, but the drop rates of epic heroes are meh, instead of giving rare ones, it’ll just give you a normal one and 4 hero stones

This game seems fun but I don’t actually know how to play or what to do because the tutorial wasn’t long enough and wasn’t descriptive enough

It is a amazing game because of all the different selection of shadows which you can make your best team.

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