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VeepeeWelcome to your new playground!

Fashion, children, shoes, leisure, sport, decoration, travel, beauty, wine & gastronomy…. You are not done being surprised by taking advantage of exclusive private sales.

Shopping on Veepee means taking advantage of low prices, with the best brands up to -70%.
New sales every day at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.: beware, the game only lasts a few days
Always hit the bullseye: thanks to your favourites, be the first to be alerted of the arrival of your favorite brand.

Whatever your desires, on Veepee, there is something for everyone!

All the must-have wardrobe clothes are available on Veepee. Coats, tops, dresses, shoes, accessories… Take advantage of exceptional discounts on the collections of the biggest brands and give the whole family a makeover!

Do you want to renew the furnishing of your house or your apartment? To find the furniture, household appliances, High Tech accessory or decorative object of your dreams, do not miss the most beautiful brands on Veepee.

Immerse yourself in a world of softness and relaxation thanks to our beauty and well-being universe. Man or woman, pamper yourself and treat yourself on veepee by taking advantage of our exclusive offers.

Looking for escape in France or abroad? Let yourself be surprised by the best veepee offer, at the best price. Discover new landscapes and new cultures and benefit from exceptional discounts on many destinations.

Let’s play together and stay connected:

From products at outlet prices to the latest trends, join the shopping party on the Veepee private sales app.

Veepee user reviews :

Used to be a good app. Not anymore. I bought a lot of items in the past few years. Unfortunately, now I have to double check every price, since often the prices are the same or even lower on the web. It’s no longer convenient, considering that is necessary to pay additional shipping costs and wait more than a month for delivery (and works only in the country I registered). Still using the app in order to discover products, but than I purchase on other sites (like Amazon, Trekkinn, Waveinn etc).

I place already quite a lot of orders at the beginning. I realise that price are not always so good and sometimes more expensive so always double check before you buy + check the delivery – one month to save 10% is a joke. Travel packages are most of time sold out (of course, you idiot take the second best price!). Felt a bit cheated few times now and wasted a lot of time on double checking. App flow is great indeed.

Disappointing! I have used this app for as long as I can remember, however in the last one year the quality has gone down. Endless delays and zero proactive communication from “Sophie”. It reached a point where I am not sure if I will receive my orders at all.

Good app.. ish. Sent an email for a problem with a delivery. I never received a copy of the email, so I don’t know what or when I sent it. There is no history of messages sent through the app, so I can’t track my messages with the company. As of now, I have no idea if anyone received my messages though I know that I never received half the products I paid for in an order. They say they answer after max 48 hours, we are Tuesday, and I’m sure I wrote them last Thursday…. Not happy.

Living in Germany , but want to use English as an app language. Unfortunately, the application does not have such an option. I am pretty sure I am not the only one in this situation as nowadays, globalization is ruling and Greeks are living in Italy, Italians-are in Germany, Romanians-in Italy etc. Please let people use their language as an optional of the residence country , or at leaee leave English as an option. Please , arrange it ASAP so I could enjoy shopping with your App. Reg

App is very intuitive and easy to use. Discounts are real, I always compare with Amazon. Very suggested.

Good while it lasted… no longer working for UK (or so it seems from the message once it was updated). I guess it’s a ‘Brexit’ thing. Ah well, plenty more fish in the sea.

Good prices. It would be nice if the articles descriptions also explain what size the model is wearing and their own size. This way you can choose your size easily.

Its been great and i always get my orders on time… Veepee is one of d safest and surest online shopping platforms. The products here too are original and the option of multipayment is very helpful so as to not spend a stack at once… Its been great so far since from the days of vente privée.. Keep up guys

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