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Video Locker  Keep videos hidden safe from prying eyes in Video Locker! – The ultimate secret gallery app to hide videos on your Android devices.

Sensitive videos from your Android video gallery can be kept safely locked away in a secure Video Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code.

Key features of Video Locker include:
1) Encryption – hidden videos are not only moved to a secret location on your phone but are also encrypted using advanced 128 bit AES encryption. This means that even if someone manage to steal your SD card and copy the hidden video files, they will still be unable to view the locked videos.
2) Removed from recent app list – Video Locker App will not appear in ‘recent apps’ list
3) Lock on sleep – If you forgot to exit Video Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your device goes into sleep mode.
4) Folder level locking – lock individual hidden video albums. This allows you to show only 1 hidden video album without exposing the others.
5) Tablet optimized – Video Locker’s UI has been designed with tablets in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and tablets
6) PIN recovery – With the optional PIN recovery feature, you won’t lose your precious video files even if you forgot your PIN code. The app will email the PIN to you in the event you forgot Video Locker’s PIN code.
7) User friendly operation – Easily hide videos via default gallery or from within Video Locker itself.
8) Fast bulk hide – Keep safe dozens of videos in seconds!
9) Un-hide videos easily – Un-hide videos just as easily as hiding them and you can decide where the un-hidden videos go.

Premium features:
1) Stealth Mode – Hide the app itself! Video Locker App will disappear from the app drawer as if it never exist on your phone. Access to your private video vault can only be achieved via an innocent looking calculator widget.
2) Fingerprint log in
3) Get 2 apps for the price of 1! Upgrade either Video Locker or Photo Locker to get premium for both apps. Both apps must remain installed in the device to enjoy this promotion.
4)Ad-free viewing experience

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*Android 10 Stealth Mode users: Due to Google policy changes, icons can no longer hide in stealth mode for Android 10+. The Calculator(VL) widget will still work, and tapping on the icon only opens app settings, not the app itself. We are working on possible solutions currently.*

Notes to users:

All videos are safely hidden in the device and not saved to any cloud program for user’s privacy.
App must not be moved to SD card.
Do not delete .VL folder.
Not recommended for devices on custom ROM
Devices running on Android 4.4 and above have restricted application access to SD card.

Having issues with Video Locker? Check out the FAQ below for assistance!

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Video Locker user reviews :

THE BEST VIDEO LOCKER EVER. I love it because 1, It saves video where they are locked and remove then from file manager cache that’s awesome I love that. One more thing is that you can never locate it in recent apps, once close it gone that’s great as well. I can’t wait to rate this nice app 5 stars it deserves 12

I have been using this mobile app. I have taken my entire mobile backup in an external hard disk. Now, none of the files are opening in this app. But all Vl2 files are safe in backup folder. Kindly guide how to play those videos again.

İt’s a very useful application, once you backup your data in it, even if you delete the app and download it back, you just input your former password and boom, your data is back and pretty secure. İ am in love with this app.

Very useful and very nice App. Now, I can hide a video that I want to hide to. No hassle, I Love this app. I hope, this app continues on the good work

Once I figured out my videos had to be on the internal memory all went well. Initially I couldn’t get the share option will not work on my S10+, but no issues selecting from the app. Hides all my sensitive things as long as I know what file they are in. The share option now has the Video Locker on it. I have no idea as to why it wasn’t initially. I did make some settings but not sure that is why. Oh well it works good. Purchased the lifetime option. Photo Locker was too much.

Nearly perfect. Only issue I have is, sharing videos to VL from my gallery never works. Not sure if it’s a permissions thing but I couldn’t find a fix. I’d like to see a future feature of dual pins – one shows the content that’s hidden, the other shows the app as if all folders are empty. You know, in case you get caught

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