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VoiceThe Hero’s Journey program will help you become more emotionally stable, conquer the challenges in your life, and achieve your goals! Unlike meditation, it’s fun, easy, and brings fast results. Try it out, and see the effects in as little as 8 minutes!

deal with anxiety and stress less
complete everyday tasks easier
get your sleep patterns back on track, sleep better and more deep
build confidence and self-esteem
deal with mood disorders and even mild depression
recover from caregiver burnout and emotional exhaustion
get unique motivational quotes and wallpapers
build personal development plan and enjoy life more

Mental health, just like physical health, is an essential part of a happy life. Voice can be your mental guide, a source of motivation, and an aid in making important life decisions.

You no longer have to struggle to focus when meditating. Let yourself go and allow your imagination to run wild! You’ll get all the effects of meditation without actually having to meditate.


Your past experiences don’t matter. Even if you’re brand new to this, you’ll still see progress in just 8 minutes.

You don’t need to focus hard on your breathing or be in a certain pose. All you need is to sit down, close your eyes, plug in your earphones, and start listening. We’ll take care of the rest.


We like to believe we make all our decisions rationally, but that’s not exactly true. Most of the time, we’re driven by emotions we don’t fully understand or can’t entirely control.

Luckily, your subconscious mind can give you all the things you need. You just need to speak its language – images, sensations etc.

Your subconscious mind is like a monkey: it doesn’t understand words, but it understands visual information, and remembers emotions. Once you understand this, you can tune it to your liking. Voice allows you to connect to your subconscious mind. It teaches, it heals, it helps to calm down and regain your strength.

For example, it won’t only help you deal with anxiety, sleep problems, or burnout, but will also help get to the root of your problems and the reason behind their symptoms, so you can feel calm, inspired, and motivated again.
You become the main character of an exciting adventure story. It’s sort of like embarking on a psychological quest in a dreamlike state. You move through a story, face challenges along the way, and learn how to tackle them.

Unlike meditation, our stories help keep your brain alert and conscious. It enters a trance-like state where it absorbs information more effectively, giving you faster results. The closest thing it can be compared to is affirmations. You’ll notice relaxation and motivation as quick as 8 minutes story.


Hypnotelling is based on a method that has been used for athlete training, supportive therapy, psychotherapy, and for scientific research.


lower anxiety and stress levels
get you to sleep faster without meditation, and improve your sleeping habits
boost your energy
increase self-motivation
improve mental health

Meditation help you develop mindfulness, but it’s a slow and difficult process that can be hard to navigate on your own. Voice is like meditation 2.0: it not only allows you to expand your consciousness, but also helps you apply this experience and take action today, tomorrow, and forever. And the best thing is, you’ll acquire beneficial mental skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life!


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Voice user reviews :

This app is absolutely amazing. I would have no problem paying for it if I had the money! Or an option for a cheaper monthly rate. It’s hard to better your self when the stress of the cost of bettering yourself is too high. But otherwise it’s enchanting, exhilarating and so calming! I ended up paying for It and I don’t regret it one bit

Amazing app! I downloaded the app today and did the first session and God it is so immersing!! Thank you Developers!!! The voice, the stories, everything feels so magical and it actually does affect me, like I have tried few apps but I usually listen to them for few days and then I get bored and eventually stop. But just try this once guys, you’ll get hooked for sure, cause I am loving this app, would actually like to buy the paid version soon and explore how good it can get yayy

Just A Miracle. Heyy Voice Developers…. I just wanna tell you that you people are amazing, awesome and brilliant…. Now I feel complete with the voice!! It’s just that I don’t have a subscription coz I’m a kid and currently I don’t have any payment options for of course… But the free parts have also helped me a lot to deal with my stress, anxiety and depression..!! Thank you so much Voice..Hope to see you fully free for atleast 3-4 years……. Bye bye…

Voice! I recommend this app. I have just started the Hero’s walk & I am hooked. I have also listened to a few of the stories, and they are amazing. I am transported into the story & I become the one who walks within the tale. Thank you, developers, for this amazing programme.

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