Volleyball Challenge 2023 – Victory is down to you

[Game] Volleyball Challenge 2023

Volleyball Challenge 2023Simplicity Games proudly presents Volleyball Challenge – a volleyball game like never seen before!

In this lively and colourful sports game you will be serving and attacking your opponents! Serve, bump, block, spike and lob – go all out, to win those precious points!
Victory is down to you and your skills only!

Activate SUPERPOWERS – in this sports game you can add fireballs, vanishing balls, superspeed, blocks and many others to your arsenal – play now and discover them for yourself!

Develop your player’s SKILLS – raise your stats across categories such as serve power and strength, stamina or attack!

You will have a bundle of additional outfits to choose from as well as bags with super contents to open – as long as you win matches! Make your opponents tremble at the sight of your player!

Volleyball on your mobile will never be the same – play Volleyball Challenge and be part of the sports revolution!

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Volleyball Challenge 2023 user reviews :

there are lot of ads like after match a ad will pop and it’s kinda boring because it’s only 3 points to win, and when i join the multiplayer it keep saying I’m offline bruh our wifi is very fast and strong

First the good: the physics of the game are very realistic. The way the ball moves and the way the spikes are hit are as close to anything as possible. The gameplay os also easy enough to grasp and the graphics are colorful and not overwhelming at all. What really bothers me is how the rules of volleyball are bent so much that if it weren’t for the net and the ball, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it wa volleyball. As a lifelong fan, I expected it to be a rally point system with multiple sets

So… I’ve been playing the game for a few months, since before the multiplayer was added. I think there are a lot of hackers in the multiplayer, fo example the ball spins, with isn’t usuall for regular gameplay, an I had a few games where I was winning with 3:1, and the opponent instantly got 4 points, without even moving or playing, and just won. There is no way of reporting something like that, which might annoy some people. So, you should add unranked, and make multiplayer be played in sets.

Overall very generic. It seems like a carbon copy of any other sports game on mobile with similar art, sound design, gameplay, and other elements. There is no need for a subscription for a game that is the exact same as the 20 other games you have. Even when you find some enjoyment in the game, the spikes are lifeless with barley any impact and take no skill to easily receive. TLDR: A boring and generic sports game trying to capitolize on the growing popularity of volleyball.

This would overall be a great game if a few things were fixed. Most importantly how lag effects the multiplayer game. The player lagging in this game gets the advantage for some reason and ive seen wacky stuff happen like the ball comes flying under the net, the player teleporting and the opponent scoring 3 points at once in order to justify how they got a point of their screen. Often they get disconnected but its infuriating to lose to somebody because of the ball/player teleporting etc.

I don’t want to sound harsh but… I’ve spent a good chunk of my childhood playing super volleyball and this game just got me disappointed. sure the graphics look funny and is sure a lot of fun, but it’s not challenging to any level. I mean , all you have to do is to survive a couple of tosses and the opponent itself will just forget to hit the ball. it’s just disappointing after how I got my hopes up to finally have a fairly challenging game of volleyball around with this time on phone. but, no

I really enjoy playing, however the issue is that there are way too many ads, after every round/ game there is a 30sec ad, it is so annoying to watch a ad after every like 3 mins of gameplay. The is another issue, the bags (like chest) you win after every game u win, why does the regular bag take so much longer to open (3hours) than the epic (15min) and legendary bags (1hour), since you will generally get the regular bags, after playing 4 games, you would have to wait 3hours before you playagain

its a great game but the problem is that after finishing the game theres nothing to do. It would be better if you add an pvp online so we can still do more stuff after finishing. Also it would be better if the bots get more and more challenging each game. So all this is a great game. I would rate more in the future updates if it reaches my expectations.

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