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War of EvolutionWar of Evolution lets you control the development of a species from the very start of its evolutionary journey as a microscopic organism, to the point it becomes an intelligent and social creature, to its mastery of the planet, and finally to interstellar exploration as a space-faring species.

Survival of the Fittest
You will start as a single-celled organism, where you’ll be free to decide how best to grow and survive by eating smaller creatures and running from predators.

Evolve Your Organism
Evolution starts small and moves through many stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.Help your creature survive the tidal pool as it evolves into something vivid and unique that can stand for itself and its species.

Customize Your Creature
Modify the shape, abilities, and appearance of your spore. Use your imagination to create the most unique creature – then introduce it to the world!

Develop Your Clan
The primordial tide pools aren’t the end of the journey. Hunt down your enemies with overwhelming power or clever strategies and gain upgradable gears. Start with a humble spore and build your own galactic empire!

Build, Expand, & Conquer
Craft customizable buildings for your tribe as they expand from a tiny peaceful town to a bustling metropolis, and eventually…reach for the stars!

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War of Evolution user reviews :

It is a copy of Spore that is a lot worse. I’ve played for 2 hours so far and still have the tutorial telling me what to do. the only fun part was the cell stage, which is an exact copy of Spore with the same creatures and the same things you can attach to your cell. you might as well get spore as it gives more content and a more free world experience, and when changing the body shape and size, it doesn’t bug out like this game does

Dissapointed after the first phase, the gameplay shifted dramatically. The tutorial for the land part is too constricting. The game felt free and customizable in the water, but once the creature gets on land, it switches to a typical mobile game. It has the potential to stand out, but thats overshadowed by the annoying and boring gameplay. Unfortunately, by choosing spore as an inspiration for this game, you set yourself some high standards in regards to what the game is going to be like.

I’m a little disappointed in this game. I was able to design my race and that was kinda cool. But the design was more graphical than functional. Certain parts gave my race upgrades and I could fly for example, but I was unable to choose a heavy carapace and be more tanky or choose smaller lighter parts for larger broods. The design felt much more like being able to design my avatar. You may still enjoy this game, but it’s not what I want.

Idea, great, execution, terrible. It starts as a basic replica of spore, something we all want, but then after the cell stage it turns into a top down battle strategy game, totally unlike spore. Another thing bad about the game is the tutorial during the topdowb stage, you basically have no freedom for majority of that stage, it forces you to do things you don’t necessarily want to do I.e. doing certain missions or adding new parts. I think it’s terrible, even though the start was good

The first level of this game is a fun spore-like consume-and-grow affair with interesting character customization. Then, you finish level 1 and the game turns in to an ugly, typical, top-down, hero-summon, resource-management game with a few admittedly interesting combat bits and cinematics lost in the faff of clearing blockers and upgrading your keep. I’ve spent about four times longer in this new tutorial than I did in the superior first level and I’m done just clicking “next” and waiting.

A very promising Spore clone, not executed well. The Spore cell stage is recreated very well. At first, I thought this was shaping up to be a good modern clone of classic Spore. The more I played, I saw some red flags. Some sound assets are directly pulled from Spore and the creature stage immediately drops off in quality. It turns into a typical mobile top-down autobattle strategy game. I haven’t bothered to play much further because I can already see what it will be. Not what I hoped for.

The game has potential but it also just gives the illusion of choice. In the water it didn’t really feel like I was progressing, it felt like it was just setting me up to go outside, and it’s even worse outside. The camera perspective, bodyparts, customization and freedom. I get that the game is supposed to have a story, but if thats what you wanted then you shouldn’t have modeled it after spore, where you actually have a say it what you want to do

non original game, this is Spore that has been simplified. the forced progression cuts you off from making any final adjustments to creature. forces you to apply “parts” mid battle. it took tens of millions of years for single cell life to become multicellular life and grow limbs. why can I get through this stage and under 10 minutes? you can have a seriously fun and addicting game if you just dragged it out a bit more. it should be 2 to 3 hours of gameplay to reach the first growth!

Stop forcing us to follow the tutorial, for the love of Frisk. The game looked unique at first, with the literal spore rip off, but then it turned into a generic game wkth multiple cities in a map. There aren’t many ads, but being forced to follow the tutorial was my higgest turn off. I like to discover some stuff on my own and follow my own pace, but this game didn’t let me do that. If you change this, I’ll give a 5 star review. Also, smash for the first and second follower, they’re hot af

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