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Eternal Evolution

Eternal Evolution will be your favorite strategy mobile IDLE RPG in 2022!

Download now, lead your heroes on the eternal universal arena, crush all the monsters on the battlefield and create your legends!

Heroic Arena
Summon tons of Terran, Atlas, and Wenfyr heroes for the endless legendary wars in this sci-fi world. Train and evolve the epic heroes in your adventure, strategically and freely release their abilities to eliminate all the enemies in your way, and ultimately control the battle situation in the arena!

Endless Battlefield
The battle of resource raiding will never stop in Eternal Evolution even if you are an AFK player, which enables the heroes to evolve and become stronger all the time! Just dispatch suitable heroes against different enemies on this eternal battlefield with your sagacious strategy!

Fantasy Hero World
With the thrilling special animation effects and authentic sound effects, you feel to be a true Commander in a sci-fi background! Just fully and delightfully enjoy the combats in a fantasy universe! In the eternal exciting adventure of valor, a tap on the fight button will let you ride the whirlwind of the eternal arena!

Evolution is just the beginning of your eternal adventure! Download the game and start your legend of evolution now!

Eternal Evolution requires Android OS 6.0+, and RAM 2G+.

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Eternal Evolution user reviews :

This game looks really nice. Sounds are nice too. UI is very clean. But the game design is not the best. If you hit a wall like you do in these games, you hit it here really hard. There is no way to farm freely, every single thing is walled at the same time. All you can do then is wait for the next dailys and hope you are strong enough to progress some. There is no stamina system, so you are free to try, but you also can’t replay old stuff.

  • Dear Commander, thank you for your feedback, we will add more content to let you farm freely in the game. If you have suggestions for the game to make it more interesting, please feel free to leave us a message. We look forward to your advice. Let’s improve the game together!

To be fair. It’s an ‘ok’ game.. I love the character design. Not laggy. Doesn’t take much space in your storage. But not how you’d expect from the ad. This is basically “pick your heroes, auto battle, repeat” type of game. Which might be enjoyable for other people. Also easy to level up. Many resource available. It’s just not my type of game. But thanks! I really like the character design.

  • Dear Commander, thank you for your feedback. If you have suggestions for us to improve the game, please feel free to leave us a message. We would love to hear your opinions. Let’s improve the game together!

Amazing game, with some very big flaws. To name a few, the lack of repeatable a for those who wanna farm and get gear etc, as when you reach a point where you have spent everything, done everything in a day, you are locked out of playing, I would like to see the ability to play story on harder modes etc, and repeat them for gear and rewards as to allow people who want to play this game alot , to …well… Play the game, graphics, sound, story and progression curve of spot on. Needs repeatables

Majority of modern and free to play games offer in-game purchases. EE as well, but what I like,not as agressive as other. Not yet, and I hope it stays so…Game – excellent graphics, intuitive and well thought interface. A very cool and eye-catching game. I hope free players will not be “cut off” from a progress too much, in comparison to donators  In either case, thumb up – love design and the characters

  • Dear Commander, thank you for your feedback. If you have suggestions for us to improve the game, please feel free to leave us a message in the in-game Help Center. We would love to hear your opinions. Let’s improve the game together!

Really enjoying it so far. Progression happens at a good speed, I feel like I can achieve something every play session. UI I feel is a little convoluted there’s different areas and menus for everything I feel this could be done better but it isn’t game breaking. I would also like the ability to choose specific targets while in auto battle.

Great graphics, fab artwork on the heroes. My only gripe so far would be the heroes ult attacks in battle. On auto they all pop off at once and each one pauses the combat. A bit frustrating when theres only one mob left etc. Turn based option would be great! Otherwise, awesome.

Think the game is really amazing, I don’t normally play mobile games or games like this but it really has me hooked. Looks amazing, runs super smooth, no ads is great!! Plenty of rewards and stuff to do whilst staying competitive and just hard enough to progress. I think improving the store items you can buy would be good. I have close to 3mill coins and not much to spend them on. Be good to be able to purchase characters with coins. Finding it hard to evolve some characters like artas to epic?

In comparison to other games of its type, this is pretty good! A better in-game explanation of the evolution system would beneficial (the current one is just some coloured boxes not explaining anything about hero types) aswell as being able to evolve from the Hero menu!

Great game, good characters all are viable and it’s easy to swap to find the best. Good combat system, good arena ranking. I purchased something, didnt recieve it. I have just recieved it, but, 4 days after the event I needed it ended. I’ve dropped a star rating for now. Customer support is great! But I dont feel the same respect to the player base from the developers.

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