Endless Nightmare 5 – Save your sister and slay scary ghosts

[Game] Endless Nightmare 5 – Curse

Endless Nightmare 5This is the fifth work in the Endless Nightmare horror games, welcome to enjoy the epic horror game!

There is a desolate village filled with scary evil spirits and creepy graves. The autumn wind is rustling, and it seems that the wronged ghosts are crying bitterly.

This weird village is called Eventide village, and the peaceful scene in the past no longer exists. You are a Taoist priest who is practicing in Xuanqing Temple, your peaceful life is broken. Younger sister is missing, demons are rampant, you must investigate to save your sister and slay scary ghosts. A tragic past that has been dusty for a long time is about to be revealed.

Explore the Eventide village, discover clues and investigate the truth
Obtain higher quality swords to make yourself stronger
Collect pill recipe and resources, make items and pills
Learn Taoist spell, get more charms and enhance skills
Upgrade swords and charms to increase attack
Slay bosses to equip artifacts, get more skills and buffs

Game Features:
Exquisite 3D graphics, giving you a real scary visual effect
Full of Chinese style elements, you can appreciate the essence of Chinese culture
First-person perspective, immersive scary experience
Fascinating and creepy plot, revealing the miserable past
Rich gameplay, extremely playable
Larger map, more areas and instances can be explored
3 game difficulties, challenge your limit
16 swords and 4 charms, you will find the preferred one
A variety of ghosts, please slay them one by one
Scary music and creepy atmosphere, bring headphones for a better experience

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse is an epic scary game, it has added more horror game contents than previous scary games, cool spell effects, large map, various creepy ghosts and bosses, powerful weapons, richer resources, and a new element – artifacts. You can get more special skills by equipping artifacts, refresh the attributes to get more bonuses. But the gameplay is far from that, if you have never played being a Taoist priest to slay creepy ghosts, you are welcome to experience this scary horror game which is full of Chinese elements, it will give you different surprises.

Communicate with us via Facebook and Discord.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EndlessNightmareGame/
Discord: discord.gg/ub5fpAA7kz

Endless Nightmare 5 user reviews :

Fund game to play! Few things that I believe could improve: 1) hard to move the camera and use the weapon at the same time. The bottom of the weapon at the left is small (for my small screen and big fingers) so if they make it bigger would be amazing 2) The distance you can hit the enemy is kind of short so by the time you hit them they have already attacked you 3) a bug, you can use the boat to go but not come back to fight the fish man on the island.

  • Dear player, we have received your feedback, and we will consider optimization. I would like to tell you that you can go back by boat after killing the boss. You just need to look for an angle, and an icon will appear, you can row back after clicking on the icon

Overall gameplay great, but the main issue is ads. I actually like it when there is no limit to watch to get 750 souls, this is the first time an ad is this resourceful and creative (the artifact that skips ads 20% chance). The issue is ads every death it is a waste of time especially on hard difficulties, you will need to wait 30 seconds just to respawn and then die again to wait another 30 seconds. There should also be like sheilds because regaining stamina is slow.

  • Dear friend, thanks for playing Endless Nightmare 5: Curse, we got your feedback, we will try our best to make the game better, hope we can get your higher review in the future!

Wow, what an interesting game. Let me say that this game is like the other 3, your fighting off enemies. But it’s still fun. However there was a little crash during cutscene one and it skipped some story, but no other crashes. The cool thing about this game it’s mostly all sword based however, you do get some ranged throwing paper which means you have unlimited ammo, unlike 2/3/4 which is cool, it also is more open world which I like. This game is highly recommended by me. Make more please!

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