Frostpunk – Explore the frozen world of the late 19th century

[Game] Frostpunk – Beyond the Ice

FrostpunkWe are still alive, and we will continue to survive!

In the 19th century, the world suddenly froze in the grip of an ice age, and chaos ensued.
The last survivors headed to the Arctic to live, where they discovered a Generator.
With the Generator as the only hope for life, they embark on an exploration for survival.

Official Mobile Version of Frostpunk!
Immerse yourself in the epic storyline of the bestselling console game, now on mobile!
Navigate the struggle to uphold human dignity and ensure everyone’s survival in extreme, life-threatening conditions.
Explore the frozen world of the late 19th century, where steam engines and extreme cold coexist

Recommended for
Those who enjoy authentic building simulations
Those who want to build their own city
Those who appreciate the steampunk atmosphere
Those who have enjoyed playing Frostpunk
Those who love snow-covered landscapes and winter

Game Features
Build Your Own Steampunk City
Strategically place buildings for optimal efficiency
Construct a unique city with special buildings

Resource Supply through the Trading Base
Exchange essential resources with other players
Check out regularly updated Trading Base listings
Acquire special items at the Shop and from the black-market merchants

Play with Others
Communicate with other users with the socializing features
Visit friends’ cities to study strategic city layouts
Experience accelerated growth through sending buffs

Embrace the Endangered Animals
Rescue and protect animals for rewards
Complete a fantastic manual with rescued animals

Weather the Whiteout to Protect Your City
Safeguard the city and citizens from natural disasters for special rewards
Experience the unique dungeon-style content

Find Your Respite from City Construction Fatigue
Choose laws to advance your city
Embark on an Expedition to discover resources in the snowy wilderness

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Language support: English

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Frostpunk user reviews :

To be honest, as an Early Access game it seems pretty stable. There are points where you can tell the kinks are still being worked out but not too bad. I would say, though, as the game gets better, so should the graphics. You’ve done a great job porting Frostpunk over to mobile but the graphics are lacking a little bit. Don’t be afraid to have options that allow the user to make their game look better. Modern flagship phones can handle it. Also, the name of the app is bugged out.

  • We are sorry for the inconveniences. Our developers are still working to improve this game so please bear with us for the meantime.

Unfortunately, this is a generic mobile game with a Frostpunk skin. It’s a decently designed game that doesn’t feel too pay-to-win, but the core game loop is entirely different from the original. The UI is usable, but honestly the original’s UI could have ported over to mobile (or at least a tablet) with almost no modifications. Overall, not a bad game, but disappointing that it isn’t Frostpunk.

  • Your opinion means a lot to us, so if ever you have additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our customer support will rapidly assist you.

Honestly not a bad adaptation of the PC variation. I do have a few complains. Namely, the market. Why is there only six options to purchase from at a time? It’s also entirely possible someone else purchases an item you want right before you do, meaning you won’t get the item. A bit annoying, not the end of the world. Construction and research time get very long rather quickly for some builds. A lot less pay to win than I thought, there is microtransactions, bit nothing seems to be paywalled 7/10

  • We are sorry we failed to impress you. We will try harder next time. Until then, we hope you give us another chance and keep playing our game, because we must game on!

Overall an enjoyable experience, but there are some tweaks that would be nice. An in-game wiki/list of previous tutorials would be nice; the PC game has this feature but the game is missing the feature or I just can’t find it if it does have it. At 742 settlers, the number doesn’t seem to increase after upgrading the houses. After reaching “sky castle” the “city planing bureau” building still says I have an unclaimed reward, I might not be able to see said reward, or it just isn’t there.

  • We appreciate the time you took to leave us a review. We are here to take in all your suggestions. We will forward these in hopes that we can bring you better content and updates. If you need any assistance, please feel free to poke our support at

i love the og and this seems just different enough! A couple notes though: The movement can be really janky at times, not very smooth. The first expedition seems to be bugged out. Me and many other players are stuck at 99% and can’t move on. There aren’t many tutorials in the game. Figuring out how combat worked in expeditions, disaster drills, and raising animals was very confusing to start with. Consider adding a few tutorials. Yall are great! Keep it up!

  • We appreciate the review! Our team is always trying their best to bring you the best game out there. Stay with us so we can show you what mobile gaming is all about!

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