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[Game] Witch Arcana – Magic School

Witch Arcana

A portal opens – forbidden darkness spills forth. The magical world of Witch Arcana awakens, needing your power.

Embark on an unforgettable journey full of enchanting characters, choices and stories – not to forget strategy! Adventure games meets RTS Strategy with just the right amount of witchcraft and wizardry!

Meet exciting characters with unique personalities that match their unique narrative storylines as much as their retro chic outfits! It’s sorcery meets style or vintage fashion meets fantasy! Become part of their next chapter by joining forces against your enemies in this visually stunning adventure game. The world of Dwimmer and Wake Hollow is, after all, where Heroes come to survive – we mean play! Definitely play…or maybe slay.

Solve the mystery of the dark rift portals and who is behind their nefarious schemes to engulf the vast world of the Arcane in darkness!

Start the day with spells or potion class and end with becoming champion of a witch or wizard’s war! Did someone say spell royale..?

The Arcane possibilities are endless.

FEATURES of Witch Arcana – Magic School

 CHOOSE your House sprung from the great Chimera. Awaken yourself to your House specific powers – unlocking your House’s forbidden secrets to your advantage!
DISCOVER an enchanted realtime, open world map filled with magical rift beasts, mythical monsters and dark rift creatures.
RECRUIT witches, wizards, sorcerers, summoners and every form of hero or heroine in the book! Forge immortal friendships and heroic alliances with these characters to learn their unique stories.
COMPLETE perilous Quests to gain mystic realm treasures issued by a powerful yet shadowy headmaster who runs the school with an unknown, mystery agenda.
BUILD up your Campus to be the best arcane kingdom or sorcerers castle in the entire Magic School. Run your enchanted empire to one day rule above all!
RISE to the challenge and through the Leaderboard ranks with dynamic Event schedules! Your strategy game better be as elite as your grades to rise above the competition. We’re talking SLG style Events combined with 4x level of gameplay!
MASTER the might and magic of the Arcana! Upgrade your magic card game – SUMMON powerful, mythical rift beasts to aid you in your Quests as you battle enemy classmates, forming rivalries in a vast, worldwide multiplayer PvP arena map.
DUEL other players in intense wand versus wand showdowns or form powerful classmate Clubs and Alliances to upgrade your PvP battle tactics.
ENTER Tournaments with evolving PVP mechanics such as magical Lethality ensuring this magic wizard MMO will constantly challenge your skills!
BATTLE fantastic beasts inspired by dark forbidden myths then experience challenging RAIDS, clashing with dangerous Fury titans for magical treasure loot!
MEET people from around the world, full of character, to form real relationships! Who knows, maybe LOVE spells aren’t needed if you form romances with allies…Become a student of LEGEND! May they write YOUR immortal name upon the scrolls of Witch Arcana for an eternity!Join our Discord for support and to share feedback!

Discord – discord.gg/pvB7stxJ5M

Facebook – www.facebook.com/WitchArcana

Instagram – Coming Soon!

Website – www.witcharcana.com

Witch Arcana user reviews :

Recently started playing, been enjoying it so far. The beginning was really confusing since there’s so much going on, would really like to see some UI and quality of life improvements eg free control over marches and seeing the full text of some upgrades as description is cut off also a zoom in and zoom out feature for the map as it is a pain to just scroll for the mobs or nodes that you are looking for

  • Hello Keegan, thank you for your review and your suggestions! We will keep them in mind as we move forward past our launch

The music in this game is seriously amazing. And the game itself is quite visually pleasing. I have not played this type of game before and would like it even more if there’s a separate Hints/Guide section which says what the resources in the game are and where do we get them. A bug I’ve noticed is in the daily rewards section – – everytime, one of the rewards gives me a black screen instead of an ad and I have to end up restarting the game as there’s no back button.

  • Hi Shruti, sorry to hear about your experience! If you are still running into this issue, please post in #android-bug-reports or #ios-bug-reports on our discord server, and we’ll help you out!  discord.gg/pvB7stxJ5M

This is a really pretty game and I think I would enjoy it; The problem is early on they give you an irreversible option to keep the story on or turn it off. Which is honestly really cool! I like that option. The problem is I really thought I was choosing to keep it on; but evidently I wasn’t… I don’t want to continue playing without this so please let us reverse this!!!

  • Hi FluffyDreg, thank you for the feedback! We are working on fixing this bug as soon as possible!

Originally had this as 1 star, but ended up realizing that wasn’t a fair assessment. I’d say high 2 or low 3. The game still has many annoying bugs, more than expected for a game out of Beta. It probably should’ve stayed in Beta longer. It’s a war game where you send magical creatures and student heroes to gather resources from nodes, monsters or other players (pvp). It wasn’t what I expected from the ads on Facebook, but other than the bugs it’s a decent enough game. Currently light on story.

  • Thank you for your review of Witch Arcana Valerie. We’re going to keep working on adding more features and improvements and do hope that we can reach that fourth or even fifth star as time goes on

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