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[Game] Caterra – RPG Battle Royale

CaterraBecome a brave and mighty hero standing against hordes of enemies all alone and try to save the city!

Caterra is a roguelike surviving game where your main goal is to harvest waves of various monsters and defeat mighty bosses.

Choose skills, upgrade them and create unique combinations to keep destroying enemy legions in dozens original ways! But be really careful about abilities you pick, you are limited only to six attack powers and six support upgrades per battle, so make sure you have a solid plan! Defeating enemies is not just a captivating process but is also profitable: earn EXP to become stronger during the match and collect gold to purchase permanent upgrades between the battles! Everything has its cost and the power is not an exception – enhance your armor, weapons and equipment with gold that you’ve gathered in your adventures, and keep annihilating hordes of monsters even faster.


1. Hundreds of enemies are coming from everywhere all at once!
2. Single finger is now enough to harvest thousands of monsters.
3. Pick unique skills and create powerful combinations to survive!
4. 15+ stages to beat! New stage – new enemies!
5. Fresh vision on shoot’em up gameplay wrapped up in 3D pixel setting.

Caterra user reviews :

Originally rated this as 5 stars when it was a cute cat battle royale. Changed it to 1 star after finding out the game became another generic minecraft styled battle royale in the app store. Very disappointed as this game was pretty fun before the huge change. I hope there’s a way to get a refund for the money I spent on this game.

This used to be a fun little multilayer game with cat characters. The chhnaging round times kept it fun and enjoyable. Now it’s just another wannabe. Not a cat in sight. Uninstalling as this is not the game I wanted to play

Pretty fun but does need some adjusting. The damage you do vs NPCs is very unbalanced it feels. Atleast in the PVE mode. And it would be more enjoyable if you could pick the type of game you wanted to play instead of being forced into solo or duo. That being said the game is very fun and definitely cute. I’m enjoying it so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds for it.

You need to fix the hit box for most of the character the rocat is the most broken on the high levels with massive damage on a high area non avoidable, the missile is not avoidable at all and the regeneration with the spam of the ability is annoying at low levels, need to improve the matching ! Whenever I do duos get some random level 2 or 3 vs people going 10 and 10 Ruined the game change it completely.!!!!!

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback! At the moment we are working on optimization and balance of the characters. We appreciate your opinion and will be glad to see you in the game again! :) If you have more ideas to improve the game, let us know! Thank you!

When the game works its a very good game, its my new favorite. Sometimes the game just doesn’t load the matches. It has a really good system, kind of similar to Brawlstar. Good gameplay with multiple modes but when you try to play, it sometimes doesn’t work. It still does this even after the 2 updates so far. Hopefully a future update will fix this. I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra so its not the phone.

  • Hello! Thank you for your review. The game is still in development, which means there are still some bugs. Please help us to improve the game by sending us your code in the game, the model of your device, and a more detailed description of the error to Thank you!

1. Game is fun, interesting, easy to understand and gives lots of stuff. Season pass can be be upgraded for free just have to save gems. So it’s a win-win in my book. Characters are easily upgradable over time, gameplay is smooth so gonna continue and see what happens. 2. So only complaint is that CARL is either a (dev) who abuses his powers or he’s legitimately cheating. Soon as he is in the lobby he starts out at +7 for power? And this is at the start point, I’m confused.

  • Hello! It’s very cool that you wrote such a detailed review. We found three players with the name CARL. It is important for us to understand which of them we need to check. Could you email us at support[at] ? It would be great if you could attach a video of that player’s profile. We are really waiting for your reply to figure it all out.

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