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Word CrackWord Crack celebrates 10 years of words, challenges and strategy! Train your mind, display all your vocabulary in front of your opponents and show what you know with the new version of the game that took the world by storm.

Challenge random opponents.
Use letters to make words.
Multiply the value of your tiles with special cells.
Show your wide vocabulary.
Enjoy the classic mode.

Form words! Fine-tune your strategy, play your letters and score points to beat your opponents.

Use multipliers! They are the key to success, use them so that your words are worth more and make a difference. There are also extra points if you use the 7 tiles on your rack.

Train your mind! Improve your vocabulary without having to read the dictionary.

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Word Crack user reviews :

This is re-rated down from four stars to two because I don’t know what they did to this app but it’s awful now. Plus I played two rounds with two different people and they’re not even in the game right now So this is just another issue with trying to keep a game going and nobody’s around to play. I’m going back to Word Wars.

I used to play Aworded / Word Crack for years, but the upgrade to Word Crack 2.x is a real disappointment. Why reinventing what used to be good? The extra features are totally unnecessary. I don’t like the graphics. People like Scrabble. Why do you try to reinvent that game?

  • Hi, in order to give you the best response possible, we encourage you to contact us at: wordcrack2.help[at]etermax.com. This way, will we get the chance to clear any doubts you may be having. Have a great day!

Cannot contact support from within the game. When you try, it acts like a dead link. Intermittent orphan games. I start a fast game and it will await an opponent forever, even though I can start another afterward and begin playing immediately. It will eventually timeout having never been assigned an opponent. Also, as you wait for your opponent to play, you are never notified when it is your turn again. On the fast games, I have missed my turn thinking it was still other person’s turn.

  • Hi, Thank you for reporting this situation. Could you email us at wordcrack2.help[at]etermax.com? This will help us look into this issue and find the best solution to this problem. Have a lovely day!

The game is fun, but this new update is annoying. Poorly designed so it makes it almost impossible not to accidentally start an infinite number of games with the same person through suggested rematches, and you don’t have to confirm it so once you’ve clicked on it the game is automatically started and they won’t let you cancel – or even resign! It becomes cluttered and confusing.

It’s an okay Scrabble clone, but there’s issues. Firstly, if you accidentally tap to fight/rematch against someone, you cannot get out of it, literally forcing you to fight against someone you don’t want to, accompanied by an ad after every single turn you make (luckily, they’re not as annoying). Second, there’s a lack of statistics. You only have your highest scoring turn, your longest word and your highest score. Third, the bots take 1-2 minutes to play; could be fun if faster.

Scrabble under a different name, works perfectly. I was trying to find the unupdated version of their other word crack (like boggle) because the update made everything crazy colors and gives me some serious sensory overload, and fortunately I stumbled upon this. Unfortunately I think they’re updating this one, too. I hope there’ll be an option to keep the old formatting, I love this game and it’s so much easier to look at plain.

As someone who has been playing the game since it’s inception I must say that the latest update, which has completely transformed the gameplay and UI, is too much to take in at once. It will take quite some time to adjust to the changes. I don’t see the previous chats and also the friend list is not complete. For individual users it’s now showing the percentage of games lost and won rather than the actual number of games. All the changes mentioned above suck. Please restore those features.

I am enjoying this app. The graphics are pretty and colorful. It would be fun to see my average word points as I continue to play games in my profile. Allow profile name editing (I linked via FB). I like the vibration response (I mute sounds and music when I play). the ads aren’t over the top and purchasing ad free is reasonable ($4.99 one time fee). Competitor apps want a subscription to be paid monthly, so I like this much better and will likley purchase the ad free version.

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