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Word Mansion Word Puzzles + Home Decorating = TRUE!

Ready for a new type of creative adventure in word games?

Jump into the excitement of Word Mansion! This unique story-based game combines the challenge of word puzzles with the creativity of home renovation and decoration.

Say hello to the star of our game, Anna, who just inherited her uncle’s mansion. Join her as she meets new people, explores the mansion’s and her family’s past, and builds a new life! Anna will need YOUR help to solve puzzles while creating the home of her dreams.

Best of all, Word Mansion gives you the option to select from various character reply alternatives! The “choose-your-own-adventure” gameplay will lead to one-of-a-kind adventure and drama!

Word Mansion Top Features:

Solve word puzzles and help Anna build her dream home!

Get lost in the narrative as the characters’ stories unfold!

Control where the adventure leads you!

Show off your word skills as you tackle challenging puzzles!

Use creativity to renovate and decorate!

Now it’s time to play! Explore a new world of word puzzles, fun characters, and home decorating with Word Mansion today!

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Word Mansion user reviews :

Great concept, ok execution. I love that this combines my favorite types of phone games of house decorating and word games. I also love the simplicity so I don’t get stuck on levels and not touch the game again for weeks or months. I’d be inclined to pay for no ads if it was done better. The story line is a bit much. I honestly dont care to follow along and have just found myself skipping it. Also the best choices are only obtainable with gems. Just meh.

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It was fun while it lasted. I got to around level 275 and my video ads stopped working. So I could never choose an option that required that. It messed up the way I wanted the story to go and what decorating option I wanted. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still an issue. Says “Can’t find video, try again later”. I didnt even care about all the ads either. I liked the game that much. I’m sad I cant play anymore. So 2 stars, one for the cut off game play that I had and one for the story line.

It reminds me of the game Gardenscapes. I like redecorating games, and I like that it is a word game instead of match 3. But it seems like they’re money hungry. There’s an ad after nearly each level with no option to buy the game to remove ads. The ugliest decor is always free, you watch an ad to unlock the second best, and you use 3 gems to unlock the best one. And you only get one gem every 10 levels or so. The alternative is buy 35 gems for $13. The prices and ads are ridiculous.

This game is a lot of fun, but it has a few drawbacks. When starting, 1 star was all you needed to decorate something new. Once you get into it, it requires 4-7 stars. And the puzzles only ever hand out 1 star at a time, whether it’s a big puzzle or a minor puzzle. It has a good storyline, but sometimes you waste stars on random actions, like checking your text messages. Can be frustrating – 3 out of 5.

This has so much potential to be great. The graphics are great, storyline is enjoyable and the puzzles are hard, but easy ones are always thrown in. I’m on level 300something, and I have 2 complaints. The number of ads can be ridiculous and the number of stars I now need to do 1 simple task is unnecessary. I want to keep playing but I’m sure I’ll uninstall it soon as it had stopped being fun and relaxing.

I was actually really enjoying this game and even paid to remove the ads, but once you get 350 levels in, suddenly you have to solve 3-5 just to complete one tiny task. The puzzles get so ridiculous that I’ve found 30+ bonus words in some levels before I find a SINGLE real answer, and hints cost way more than you gain through playing, so even though I paid to remove ads, I have no choice but to watch them. I’ve resorted to looking up answers just to get it over with and get back to the story.

I really do like the game it’s fun challenging but easy at the same time which is good for me because I interest so easy. I just wish they hadn’t changed star setup where when you first started out you only have to use one star for every task but now they take four or five for each task. At least they could have done when they did that was give you more stars in every round.

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