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[Game] Word Search 2 – Hidden Words

Word Search 2Have fun and sharpen your brain with Word Search 2 – Hidden Words, the brand new word search game from the makers of Garden of Words, Star of Words and Wordox! Complete thousands of word search puzzles. It’s so addictive and relaxing at the same time!

Show your talent and connect letters to find every word from the list hidden in the grid and unlock awesome rewards and backgrounds. Train your brain and improve your memory by finding the words related to the theme in classic board levels or challenge yourself with exclusive daily grids, bonus levels and quiz!

Compete in free Tournaments every weekend to compare your skills with other players and earn rewards. It brings a word hunt feeling to the game for who like challenges and competition.


LEARN WHILE PLAYING: Find the words, relax and have lots of fun. Challenge yourself with harder puzzles to earn stars and unlock BEAUTIFUL ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS.
THOUSANDS OF LEVELS: Play 4,200+ levels (more to come).
FIND BONUS WORDS: Earn more stars by finding bonus words.
POWER-UPS: Earn and use the Hint, Magnifier or Triple Hint to get a little help when needed.
REWARDS EVERYDAY: Prize Wheel, Stars Meter, Daily Missions, Goals or Rewarded Ad video. Many ways to earn rewards in Word Search 2 – Hidden Words.
FREE TOURNAMENTS. Find every word to score a maximum of stars every weekend. Earn your spot on the highest places of the rankings and get rewards.
RELAX AND SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN (LEXICAL IQ). Play to stimulate your brain. Improve your observation, spelling and vocabulary skills.

& Play exclusive bonus levels and game modes for even more incredible rewards!


This fun word search game lets you show your word finding skills by exploring unique levels with a variety of themes. It’s easy, just search and swipe them right, left, up, down or in diagonal to earn special rewards.
Exercise your spelling and observation by finding all the words in the grid. Have fun improving your memory and expanding your vocabulary.

Word lovers, are you ready? Word Search 2 – Hidden Words is awaiting for you! Words are hidden in a grid, will you find them?

Ideas on how we can make Word Search 2 – Hidden Words even better?
Need help with the game?
We look forward to hearing from you!

E-mail us at: support+wordsearch[at]iscool-e.com
or go through CONTACT US in the Game Settings

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Word Search 2 user reviews :

I like the two daily puzzles, having to purchase missed ones with hard and slowly-earned coins isn’t so fun. It’s worth trying, though.

fun but I just started playing so at level 10 it’s still too easy to judge. but so far I like the game.

I really like the game. don’t care about the ads in-between every puzzle. maybe every 3 or 4. but every one I don’t.

Great to keep our brain in gear. Not too, too difficult, so you can relax while playing

I enjoy this game despite some of the levels being redundant. That being said, I’m contemplating deleting the game because I keep getting sent to a spam site in the middle of playing.

Interesting but simple word search game. I’m hoping it will get more challenging and complex.

I am only giving this game a 3 because they are asking for a review after only 9 levels. So far it is awesome with no ads. I bet that changes after this review. I am editing my review. After continuing to play this game it is an awesome game that I enjoy playing and it hasn’t had any ads. I love this game and I would definitely recommend downloading it. You won’t be disappointed.

just started this,I’m always doing word games,especially word searches,so far I’m findin this very enjoyable,it’s very relaxin,and really smooth,the graphics impressive,I’ll probably give the extra star a little later in the game,but so far I’m really likin it like

Relaxing but challenging. Keeps my mind sharp. I love this game!

fun game, plus I like the quizzes. They challenge my knowledge.

I love word search and word games,like to keep my mind sharp

This game is mind stimulating and gives you a second to keep your mind pristine and sharp gotta have this daily… it brings peace for a moment

I am enjoying the game. Nothing bad to say. I would however like to suggest that the last game reset feature be more superficial than the settings. Level 29 my game got stuck and I felt I had no other recourse but to uninstall and reinstall in order to fix the issue. It wasn’t until I reinstalled and went looking for a sign in feature to reload my previous progress that I found the reset last game feature. Wish it had been on home screen or something so that I would’ve seen it sooner.

  • Hi Amber! Thank you very much for your review We’re very sorry that you’ve encountered this issue! Could you please tell us more at support+wordsearch[at]iscool-e.com so we can work on fixing it and see what we can do to improve the feature? Have a great day!

What a wonderful game! This is quite a awesome game. Keeps the person indulged all the time. Still, a few issues need to be resolved. Its not clear as what number of levels need to be cleared in a day ? How is a player’s ability with regards to solving the quests rated? Is there any opportunity for a player to display his skills at the international circuit?

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