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[Game] Word Search Pictures Crossword

Word Search Pictures CrosswordWord Search Puzzles with Pics is the word search game for word & puzzle masters!

The world best word search puzzle with pics game has arrived, enjoy it! It’s the most fun and challenging word search game in the world
Solve the puzzles… Find all the words! The clues are in the pics!

Find all the words and unlock new levels. Play infinite Word Search Puzzles with limitless time and lives. Word Search Puzzles with pics is a challenge… FREE! Have fun anywhere!

Thousands of puzzles with pics and words, all for free! Lots of different crossword puzzles to play, train your brain! Countless easy and complicated crosswords await you! … and new levels to keep the fun going! Play and train your brain ! The best pastime!


Play the best pastime, fun and unique!
More than 3000 word search puzzles to enjoy
Hourly and daily challenges and rewards
Incremental difficulty
Enjoy a simple and beautiful game design
Fun for all ages
It’s in English 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺🇨🇦🇮🇪🇳🇿🇿🇦
No WIFI? No problem! Enjoy Word Search Puzzles with Pictures anytime, anywhere!


Ready to search and find thousands of words? Want to have fun while you train your mind and keep your brain  active? Looking for a free addictive and fun word game? The best brain pastime for you is here. Mind challenging, a great challenge for your brain Have fun and train your mind , exercise your brain as you entertain yourself and learn new words with our crossword puzzles and word searches.

Come and play every day, it is the perfect pastime, word search is relaxing and fun. Get hourly rewards and solve hourly word search puzzles. Have fun with the addictive word game everyone talks about! Thousands of crossword puzzles in English, more addictive than anagrams and much more fun than the classic word search games, all for free. Word Search is the perfect pastime, relax & play & have fun!

Enjoy Word Search Puzzles with Pictures, anytime, anywhere, FREE and in English! Don’t hesitate, classic word search and anagrams are pastimes of the past, with word search with pics puzzles, you’ll practice your English vocabulary, train your brain, keep your mind active and, above all, have fun.

If you play wordsearch games, anagrams, crossword puzzles, crosswords or connected word games, then you’ll love Word Search Puzzles with Pictures. it’s the best brain training and totally free.

You only need a couple of minutes. You will never play the same puzzle: there are infinite puzzles of crossed, hidden and connected words! Find out why everyone loves this game and JOIN THE FUN NOW!

It’s free! In English!

The best word game ever!

Play now!

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Word Search Pictures Crossword user reviews :

This is the best word search game ever! I’ve enjoyed it so much that I opted to purchase the “No Ads” version. But since doing so my ability to access the piggy bank by voluntarily watching a video has been taken away. It always says that there’s no ads at this time. Please fix this for me. I only wanted to get rid of the banner ads etc. I would still like the option to watch an ad to get coins. I will update when issue is solved. Thanks in advance!

The photos really help! This is a very cute and relaxing word game. I’m not usually good at these but this is done so well that it improves my ability. As are well controlled and optional. There are great hints and ways to get letters with the points you earn too. Sound effects are peaceful. It’s just a lovely game.

Fun but difficult for someone my age to make out all the objects in the pictures. If not for that, I’d give it a five. The more into it you get, the more complex it gets. Enjoy it. Please add option to be able to expand pictures.

  • Hello Rita, Thanks for your review! We are glad you like it! You can expand the pictures by tapping on them.

if you looking for a fun and challenging different word search puzzle.this is the top one.trust me.of all the ones out there.this one I give 35 stars.i plan to keep this one forever.a keeper.9.4 high score for best puzzle ever for word search.love this one. i dont mind the ads.they keep the game free.thank you

It was all going so well with no ads or anything, but once I hit level 82 or something I suddenly get ads out of nowhere, and there’s no way to get rid of them via purchase. I’m not happy..

Helps with my memory and my English vocabulary. This game does not stress me. Thanks for creating this game.

excellent game and gets the old brain cell working but only 4 stars because the ads are a bit much.I get that the developers have to have ads running but do they have to have so many running.

I love this game! It’s a unique and fun version of the classic Word Search puzzle. Definitely worth trying!

Great word search game with pictures. Very addictive, you can spend hours solving puzzles.

I love this game!! Gets your mind going. You can take your time. Colors are great. There are hints if you need them. Ads don’t overpower you. Great game!!

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