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Word HeapsIf you’re looking for the most interesting word game, If you are a big fan for word games, Wordheaps Pic is the game for you! Don’t hesitate, Download it for FREE now!

The game is perfect for brain and vocabulary development, Expand your vocabulary, improve your spelling, and train your brain with this addictive word game! You will enjoy learning through games!

In the WordHeaps Pic,It has no complicated gameplay and rules, all you need to do is to find words based on the clues in a picture, and swipe the letters to build words.

How to play?
Find words based on the clues in a picture.
Correct swipe the letters to build a correct word.

Delicate and sweet pictures as a clue for each puzzle.
Challenge your brain and vocabulary.
Exercise your brain and test your eyesight.
Tap the props button to get clues.
Get infinite coins by watching videos!
Explore bonus words to get additional rewards!
Game will become more and more challenging.
Best way to relax and train your brain.
No network required and you can enjoy word search at any time.
Free get daily bonus coins.
Word games free for applicable to any ages!

What are you waiting for? Download Wordheaps Pic today!

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Word Heaps user reviews :

I would have rated the game higher but when I reached level 554 I could no longer play it because the screen just freezes or remains blank. Also, even if I play everyday, options for choosing the supposedly daily rewards do not appear daily. Hence, I might just uninstall this app.

Awesome game, cute pictures, knowledgeable however some words I had never heard of ,but, that didn’t matter, got stuck a few times, but you get hints and always found I had enough credit earnt while playing. So finished your game and wanted to know if you were going to make anymore

I love this game! Bright colors, clear bright pictures, good music. I can figure out each puzzle without getting frustrated. Not a lot of ads to drive you crazy! This is one of my favorite games!

An ad after each level. I can solve a level in 10 seconds, then a 30 second ad. I watch more ads the playing the game. I can see ads, but why so often.

This is an amazing enjoyable game especially for those who need help in spelling and their are also some lovely pictures too to help one and their also tips to help one find the word with the picture a lovely way of teaching one words and how to spell them thank you so much Word Heaps app

Love playing the game. Can’t Stop from playing it. I love to get more and more rewards by playing very well and slowly. It was very addictive game. I didn’t get more rewards and could not reach higher levels.

New to the game but I can tell right away that it’s well designed, new spin and thoughtful. Graphics are good but not too much, the tutorial is clear and concise. Thanks guys!

I’m at level 15 and enjoying the game. But the coins reward is not proportional. You SOMETIMES earn only 1 coin for a correct answer, and more often…not get anything. Meantime, you have to spend 100 coins for a clue.

Basically a word search without any extra letters in-between so it has a crossword feel too. Easy to use and works offline.

The game is fun. Great idea for a game.its just alittle too easy for me.i dont have to look at the picture to find the words..but thats suppossed to be the fun part i think:) 4 stars

I have not been able to get the will to lay it I found lots of your other games I Love them all but being on a cold age pension My extra funds (Liar) My funds would soon be worth less for rent etc.??? But if you ever are looking for game testers : such as I), am.!!!! Serious I could play games all day!

I just downloaded this game! So far so good! It’s fun to play,east words to find,but does get harder! Will come back if it still stays a good game I will move up to 5 stars! You should download it, definitely fun to play!

Very good no problems it’s easy to maneuver ,challenging, calming,and it’s fun. It’s one of my favorite game to play.

Fun! But way way to many commercials! Really like every time you finish a search!

Iv played a few games like this one before but I can see the letters in the picture they show you in order to play the game. I’m in the middle of playing it right now. So I think it’s pretty good. Totally enjoying this game

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