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[Game] Word Blitz

Word BlitzWho can find more words?

Challenge your friends and test your vocabulary!

Warning: Risk of getting addicted! Word Blitz is an action-packed word game where you can face off against your friends and other players.

Form words from letters randomly arranged on the playing field. Play every word you can find and get the most points! Don’t forget the bonus fields to step your points up a notch!

Word Blitz is easy: Swipe to link adjacent letters. Play as many words as you want, in every direction: left, right, up, down or diagonal!

But don’t wait too long – you’re racing against the clock. What are you waiting for? The countdown has begun! Find the best words and WIN!


Exciting multiplayer fun. Challenge friends and family and find more words than them!
Thrilling duels. Play against random opponents any time! Millions of players are waiting for you!
Varied word hunt. Countless words are waiting to be discovered on ever changing playing fields!
You against the whole country. Seize the daily opportunity to compete against the rest of your country!
Completely in English. Word Blitz is available free-of-charge in 16 languages!

Excited yet?
Get going, your friends are waiting!

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Word Blitz user reviews :

To start off with, the game should open to the main screen and not to an already completed game. We should be able to select a game and play casually. The option to continue with green gems, needs to be removed from the middle of the screen was play is done. I have lost about 90 or so gems because I was in the middle of spelling words. Customer service is horrible, tried to get the gems back and was only told that my feedback was important. And not one gem was credited back

  • Thanks for the review! As for the screen opening a finished game, we are not entirely sure what you mean by it. We would be grateful if you could get in touch via email and elaborate on it. As for the extra time button, we hope to have this fixed soon. We will keep your feedback in mind for the future. Best regards, Your Lotum Support Team

This game is pay-to-win, so unless you pay money, you’re not as likely to win. And you have to watch ads after every game, even if you pay! If you’re just interested in fun, and thus try to play without using the extra stuff, it will *stop the game* and won’t continue until you use the extra features, breaking your flow. The high rating (4.3 stars) is from the old game that used to be here. The company got to keep the old reviews despite changing the game that was here. It’s tricky stuff.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Justin! As for the power words, those can be leveled up without spending money. As for inspirations, those cannot be bought, only earned by playing. After extensive testing in other regions, we are sure they will make the game more fun in the long run. Why don’t you give it a try? Best regards, Your Lotum Support Team

Great game, met some people who score unbelievable scores, make me feel abit thick….makes you think quickly, really like the updates and chances to upgrade words. Sadly lost my app icon but trying to retrieve it.

  • Thanks for the kind feedback, Mark! We are happy to hear you enjoy our game. As for the icon, have you tried searching for the game on your device and then dragging the icon to your home screen? If you need assistance doing that, please get in touch via the contact button in the game settings. Best regards, Your Lotum Support Team

You do take turns, but it’s fast paced and competitive . If your opponent has to go answer the door and the round ends, it will move you over to another game ; opponent probably there. Three complete rounds will have a winner.. the game keeps up with several game stats; such as average word score, the #winning streakl, how many games won; and everybody s favorite – how many bingos you have. That’s actually how many times you’ve used all 7 letters at once Col Ln

  • Thank you for the extensive review, Patty! Is there anything we can do to enhance your game experience further? Best regards, your Lotum Support Team

I love playing this. It’s very good brain food. However, apparently, they are not monitoring the word suggestions. I have sent numerous word suggestions to them in the last couple of months, and they have yet to add the words. For every one, I double checked legitimate dictionaries first. Two examples are the words “tase” and “tases.” I have missed out on hundreds of points just from these missing words alone. This is super annoying.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Jen. No worries, all your word suggestions are kept in our system. However, please note they are not realized immediately. Instead, the dictionary will be updated when enough changes are noted. This is necessary due to the way our systems are set up and our small team size. If you have more feedback, please let us know.

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