Words Up – Guess the word by looking at the clues

[Game] Words Up – Trivia Puzzle & Quiz

Words UpWords Up is a fun single player word puzzle game where all you have to do is guess the word by looking at the clues you are given. Look closely at the words on the screen, and guess what they all have in common.

As you solve the puzzle you will journey through different planets, visit new worlds, and face off against their bosses. In the form of the ultimate trivia puzzle, Words Up will let you discover ordinary planets related to your daily life, animals, brands, and the ocean, as well as other challenging planets where you’ll get to explore the worlds of Hollywood, science history, and much more!

Now, how exactly do you play Words Up? It’s very intuitive and simple! These are the main guidelines:
We give you 3 hints
You piece together what all those hints might have in common
You guess the word puzzle (and all other words until you reach the boss)
You defeat the boss at the end of your quest
You conquer the planet!

Bonus tip: you can also unlock to an extra hint to help you out if you get stuck trying to guess the word!

Still haven’t found or guessed a word you were really wishing to see? No worries! Head down to the Word Factory and submit your own word puzzles for others players to guess. How cool would it be to see your original content featured on new planets?

Words Up is a great way to test your trivia knowledge and relax at the same time. A simple, yet exciting brain teaser that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Take part in our daily puzzles and keep coming back so you don’t break your weekly streak. This will allow you to win even more coins and avatars to keep playing, and see your name climb to the top of the Leaderboard.

Even if you are not playing against your friends, you can still keep the competition going by checking the Leaderboard and seeing who has conquered the most planets and is on their way to becoming the true Galactic Emperor.

If you can’t get enough of word trivia games and want to keep quizzing yourself and testing your knowledge on more specific areas, take a look at the premium planets where even more fun awaits you!

The general trivia and word guessing puzzle that will make your brain step out of its everyday routine, Words Up is a must-have for every quiz and trivia lover and forbidden words aficionado.

Challenge yourself with special and daily challenges, and keep conquering planets to unlock achievements and win new avatars. Invite your friends to join in on the fun and compete against them for the top spot in the Leaderboard. Show everyone who’s the ultimate trivia master!

Many themed planets to explore and word puzzles to crack;
Premium planets to conquer;
Special and daily word puzzles;
Word Factory: add words you’d like to see others guess, and win rewards;
Leaderboard challenge: guess more words, win more points and climb to the top.

Words Up will be your favorite trivia puzzle game!

Any questions or suggestions? Reach us at games[at]cosmicode.pt

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Words Up user reviews :

This is a another great game. It’s a lot of fun. The only thing is when you start out they should give 100 coins to start. But it does keep you thinking &your brain too. I’d rate it 1,000 stars.

l just started playing this game it is so relaxing and fun please make more games like this one thank you all have a wonderful day today and every day

  • Thank you so much for your feedback, Sharon! We hope you keep having fun playing and learning with Words Up. Have a nice day and stay tuned for upcoming releases

Hi there seems to be bug where it sayd you dont have internet connection even tho you do and i cannot progress so much with this bug bothering i hope you fix this thank you very good game

  • Thank you for reviewing Words Up, Jonamarie! We will look into it and see what might be causing that. If this keeps happening, please email us at games[at]cosmicode.pt so that we can help you out. We hope you keep having fun playing and learning with Words Up. Have a nice day

This Is An Exclusively Amazing Trivial Word Puzzle – & – Quiz Game!!.

  • Thank you for reviewing Words Up, Colin! We hope you keep having fun playing and learning with Words Up. Have a wonderful day

Very nice design and innovative gameplay. Are you planning to create more games like this one? Hope so

  • Thank you for reviewing Words Up, António! We hope you continue to have fun with our word puzzles

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