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Powerful video editing software that allows for more freedom in video creation. Helping more video editing enthusiasts create professional-level videos.

Blurrr is easy to use and powerful, with not only great special effects and rich presets but also high-definition picture quality. Whether you are a professional video editor or a beginner, you can easily use Blurrr for video editing.

Mix multiple video, audio, and image layers together to achieve a more diverse video effect. You can also mix multiple effects together to create richer visual effects and make your video more vivid and interesting.

With custom keyframes and curves, you can completely control the changes and animation effects in the video. Use keyframes and curve functions to make your video more vivid and interesting, and unleash your creativity.

Over 80 effects are carefully crafted by a team of visual effects experts to make your videos cooler and more interesting. Use the special effects functions to make your video more outstanding and leave a deep impression on your audience or fans. Supports layer adjustment, creating multiple special effects and multiple filters within the same track, and freely arranging their layer order.

HIGHLY ENJOYABLE VELOCITY function Provides variable speed keyframes: time remapping, linear speed change (time stretch) etc. With variable speed keyframes, you can flexibly control the time and rhythm in the video, easily complete the synchronization of music and images, and achieve more interesting video production. Use variable speed keyframes to make your video more rhythmic, and let your audience or fans dance to your rhythm.

AI INTELLIGENT MATTING Use the intelligent matting function to get rid of background restrictions and make your creation more free. The intelligent matting function allows you to easily achieve matting and make your video more stunning.

3D & CAMERA function Supports 3D and camera functions, making your video more three-dimensional and interesting. No matter if you are making a 3D tunnel, 3D conveyor belt, 3D cube, or even building VFX, I, Blurrr, can handle it. Use 3D & camera functions to make your creation more realistic and immersive for your audience or fans.

AI INTELLIGENT FRAME INTERPOLATION Using AI intelligent frame interpolation can make your video smoother. While enjoying the creative forms such as slow motion, your audience or fans can also enjoy an excellent viewing experience.

NULL-OBJECTS and PARENT-CHILD SUBSETS Use null objects and parent-child subset functions to easily control the screen and achieve more refined video production. Make your audience love it.

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Blurrr user reviews :

Its an amzing app with amizing potential, but the major problem im having is the video speeding up and the long wait to upload videos and to render my final edit but over all great app if your somewhat aware of editing, the 3d optian is great and flexible and the “mother of all clips” help with my animation, its a great app but with a lot of potential so if they could fix the slight issues t6gat would be amzing

I hear sooo many great reviews about it, the problem is, the speed is kinda off (some clips go fast/slow/stops) and another problem which is bugging me very much, when i click on the “Time Remapping” button the app crashes and ive been trying to go on the app again and try again clicking on it but it just keeps on crashing, and i need to click that button to do the velocity (and more) which i do in every edit (but because of this problem i cannot make any edit). I hope this was clear enough

  • Hi, sorry for the bad experience. If possible you can join Discord at, You can send a screen recording or screenshot of your problem, Blurrr staf @Haku will help you there, it will be more convenient to update u when we get any resolution.

it’s a very good application but I have too many bugs on it, the clips are buggy, and when I use effects the application ejects me from the application so I have to come back to the application and that’s what bothers me, annoys the most. Even when I want to download my edit it ejects me from the app which is unbearable. thank you for fixing the problem

  • Hi, sorry for the bad experience. If possible you can join Discord at, You can send a screen recording or screenshot of your problem, Blurrr staf @Haku will help you there, it will be more convenient to update u when we get any resolution.

it’s alright.. one thing that I dislike is the when adding audio, the audio must be a file not a video, which is fine because I have an app to change a video into an audio file but anyways, also when thing I noticed about the audio as well, is when you add it from a file is that it’s choppy, like the file was beaten before adding (it’s not my device because I’ve tried it on others as well)

Awesome app for editing! But a few minor stuff that needs to be updated. For example, when I add a couple of new effects, the video starts to lag terribly. Also, would be better if we had an option to cut the clips inside the app, like previewing the clips and cutting the parts we want. Another problem is that I love to edit here, but can’t work for too long due to the light-mode, which gives me a headache. Blurrr would be awesome with Dark-mode. Awaiting for the next update!

  • Thank you so much for your suggestion! Your request will be fully considered and applied in our future practice, pls stay tuned for the update! If possible you can join Discord (, it will be more convenient to update u when we get any progress.

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